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HEMTT M983A2 in 1:72


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First post here, I reckon since I moved to the UK, I should start contributing to the local scale modeling forums :)


HEMTT M983A2 tractor by Model collect, with PE set by Tetra models, in 1:72 scale


As this was my first modern vehicle model (and first model with tires and windshields), I'd be curious about some feedback, especially on things like:

  • tires weathering - not really 100% with this, went with pigments and by the time I didn't like it, it was too late to go back :(
  • windshield dust effect - I don't find the final effect particularly realistic looking, but not sure how to do it better.


Any tips and feedback appreciated










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10 hours ago, StuartH said:

Superb. For the scale you've done at stunning job. The weathering on the tyres and the dust effect on the windscreen look good to me!

Thanks. My worry was that the windshield looks too clean in the clean section and kinda uniform in the dirty section. But was scared to try and spread it out, as I already had to re-do it once before :D


31 minutes ago, Bullbasket said:

That's a cracking little model, and I like that you have included the suzi's in this scale. Nice one.



Thanks! Those cables were actually super easy to make with copper wire. It was one of those things that are not that hard to do, but add a ton of visual interest to an otherwise monocolor model

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Hello Lada,


Museum piece. A joy to study your work. Excellent photography.

Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.

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