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The gallery is a bit fuller than when I finished Tante Ju!


Here's the Heller Tempest Mk V I built.  Mostly from the box, although the seat got a milliput back cushion and tape seatbelts.  The radiator flap was also cut away and replaced by a plastic card strip.


The decals are for SN228, one of Wg Cdr 'Rosie' Mackie's aircraft right at the end of the War.








Build thread here:






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Ladies and Gentlemen please meet and greet the Amiot 143, or better known in this GB "The Flying Chocolate Eclair "


It has the graceful lines typical of French bombers of the period, and has turned out much better than I hoped.


It would never have made the Gallery without everyone on this special GBs support, so on behalf of the Eclair and myself, thanks very much ! :worthy:


Cheers Pat













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My second contribution to the BM Heller GB, my build of the Heller 1/400 Jeanne D'Arc (81034)












It was a strictly OOB build with no aftermarket, no etch, no rigging and no stress!


You can read about this build here.



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Bahía de Cochinos...possibly!


WiP is here...I'll try to sneak in another build for the GB.  It's not over until late January!



Many thanks to @TonyOD for the decals.  Pretty much right OOB except for the guns, decals and wheels.

















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My Dewotine  501 is finally done.


Problems with the red trident decal that should sit along the fuselage sides led to a bit of a cheat from me. I've built the model as the plane looked a few minutes before the Tridents were painted on by a local signpainter. The conversation between the two led to the diorama title...


"Ils veulent un Trident peint sur les côtés, mon ami"


".Je vais commencer tout de suite monsieur"


Which should be French for: " They want a Trident along the sides my friend"  " I'll start right away sir"


Here's the build thread:




And a few shots for the Gallery:








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Two on the trot from me!


This time it's my second attempt at a Bloch 152.  A type that was new to me prior to the Group Build and a fascinating subject. Slightly strange proportions, with either the wings looking a bit small or the fuselage a bit long. Or both. The offset engine is decidedly odd and it took an effort from me to glue it as the instructions say. 

Done as a straight forward shake and bake build, nothing extra bar a couple of side windows added with Glue 'n Glaze as the kit ones were a bit chunky. Original kit transfers from 1966 were used along with Humbrol Authentics from the period. 


Build thread here...



Here's the finished model...










This shot is of the model sat alongside the later black box issue.





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This is Heller's 1/72 Arado 96B trainer, kit number 239 which was a "Black Box" re-release of the original 1977 kit #162. It's a great little kit that is straight forward to build, with a good level (for the time) of detail that fits together nicely. Even though I built mine OOB, there's plenty of scope for adding extra detail especially in the wheel wells and cockpit. This is not a Heller kit that I built back in the day, but it's been one I have often wanted to build but just never got around to it. My modelling buddy built a couple back in the early 80s and I remember being quite impressed with it at the time, so I'm glad to have finally got around to scratching this particular Heller itch.....even if it did take 35 years! WIP thread is here;



I opted for a simple, overall RLM 02 colour schemes as a: it was a bit of a cop out and b: I do like these simple colours on this handsome looking aeroplane. The decals were very kindly sent to me by @Graham Boak to replace the rather shot decals that were in the box, but I'm afraid that I don't have any details of unit etc. Without a colour call out for this scheme, it was based on an online build that I found and copied that. Hopefully, it's as it should be even though I have a feeling the nose should be yellow too. Anyhow, here is the Arado!










Thanks for looking!


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Bachem Ba 349A "Natter" and Fieseler Fi 103 "Reichenberg" IV


Back in 1978 Heller brought out this interesting if slightly odd kit of a pair of last ditch weapons the Germans thought might turn the tide at the end of WW2.


Kit No. 226 - Bachem Ba 349a Natter (Viper) & Fi 103 Reichenberg IV, which was a piloted version of the V1 Flying Bomb.


For more information on the planes here's a link to the build thread;




Mostly built OOB with a few additions, seatbelts etc. Nice little kits to make, I finished them with Xtracolor enamels and a final coat of Winsor and Newton matt acrylic.













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My third contribution to the 2020 Heller GB, a second Heller 1/24 Citroen 15 CV (80763) which I have given a "Circus" twist!












You can read about this build here and my RFI pictures are here.



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Finally photographed the two Bf108 Taifuns in daylight. Built OOB and using mixture of Hataka and Revell paints and Techmod decals. Lovely simple kit of an attractive aircraft.












Thanks for looking, JP



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                                             NA T-28S  Fennec EALA Escadron d'Aviation Légére d"Appui 3/5 Mecheria Algeria 1961


Humbrol brush Painted 

Decals from the kit

Pavla cockpit set








Build Thread here





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So, that's my third and final build for this gb.  Many thanks for letting me take part.











Build thread here:



Rgds and Happy Christmas!





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As my final entry in this enjoyable GB I have build the Airfix boxing of the Super Etendard originally released by Heller in 1984. It is OOB and went together well except for the canopy which seems to be too deep and needed a bit of work to make it line up.

DSC04323-crop DSC04325-crop DSC04327-crop DSC04329-crop

Although Heller moulded holes in the lower wing for the outboard pylons, neither this kit nor most if not all of the other boxings seem to have actually had them provided, so the only weapon loadout in the kit is one Exocet and one drop tank. Airfix say that the markings are for a machine from No 17 Flotille, Aeronavale in 1989, so it is not the later modernised version - the so called "SEM."


It is a nice looking plane and my take on the paint scheme seems to be fairly close to the real thing.





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Here's my build for this fantastic GB, it's the original boxing of the Scania LB 141. I just love the boxy look of this truck, I'll certainly do another one of these. I never follow the kit colour schemes, and when I was looking for reference pics I came across a couple of shots of a halfhearted attempt at restoration and I immediately liked the idea. So that's what I set out to do. Advantage: I could paint sloppily and not worry about it at all!


Here's the build:



And here are some pictures of the finished article. I normally shoot with a background (I have a couple of "barns") but they are in storage so it's a plain white background this time. 












Full album here


Thanks for watching!

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Renault 5 Turbo Rally

Build thread here.

Aftermarket seats and PE seatbelt buckles, scratch built seatbelts, a couple of minor aftermarket decals (Bilstein on doors) and a replacement set of decals from Heller (first were old/brittle).







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The E-type Jag race version is the 1962 Cuningham entry for le Mans. Heller took a few shortcuts with their standard E-type production car to do this. 

The tyres and wheels needed widening--the tyre moulding still carried the tag with the title "Citroën 15"! 

Fuel tank is scratch built in the boot, plus a complete roll cage, and converted to right hand drive. Sliding side windows installed and the back bumper omitted.

And some enhanced screen wipers and wash jets etc. 

Some effort made to keep her down on the springs and looking race ready. 

A great kit to work with. The fit is good and plenty of scope for a few mods. 


And a real Looker when you're finished! 

I forgot that I hadn't put her in the galleries already, and dropped the model off at KB Models to go on the display shelves and he's now locked down! 

That was before I took some gallery photos 😖. So I'll have to make do with some of the final pictures from the build thread 












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Heller 1/72 Somua S35

- Gunze & Lifecolor acrylics

- Metal barrel

- OKB Grigorov photoetched detail set and photoetched tracks

- Artistic oils wash

- MIG pigments for weathering














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Presented here is the Tasman Models reboxing of the Heller 1/72 DH.89A Dragon Rapide in RAAF service.


Feel free to provide comment or critique in the build log: 


















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Here's my first completed build for this GB,, a 1/43 Lancia Beta Turbo. The decals are for the Jolly Club entry for the 1981 Le Mans 24 hours, driven by Martino Finotto, Giorgio Pianta and Giorio Schon, which finished in 14th place. The decals weren't the best due to age but the kit went together well. Painted with Halfords Appliance White.


50774941042_5498946a35_c.jpgDSCF1898 by timothy jones, on Flickr

50774071883_33ac1bdafc_c.jpgDSCF1894 by timothy jones, on Flickr

50774937392_96a60c4651_c.jpgDSCF1896 by timothy jones, on Flickr

50774943037_416b0c1ea3_c.jpgDSCF1899 by timothy jones, on Flickr

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My 3rd and 4th completed builds in this GB (cheating I know as they come in the same box !) sees the Ba 349A Natter and the Piloted V1 the Fi 103 Reichenberg IV completed.


I've  had these for a long time so it feels really good to not only find them, but be able to finish them as well.


I don't know why we don't see this kit being built more often as they both turn out really well, plus you can use you imagination on the colour scheme, I hope you like them


Cheers Pat












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Bf 109F-4/Trop

1./JG 27   Ain el Gazala, Libya   November 1941


Heller kit L 081 from 1972 - with a number of modifications described here.












Many thanks to the moderators for this outstanding groupbuild!  Michael


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ANF Les Mureaux 117 R2B2




According to Heller, the markings for aircraft No 160 show it as part of a Liaison Flying School during the spring of 1940.




The 117 was the last of a series of parasol monoplanes that began in 1931 with the Mureaux 110. The type's role was aerial reconnaissance, though the aircraft were also fitted with forward facing machine guns firing through the propeller arc, defensive guns for the observer, and the capability of carrying four 50kg bombs. 



A total of 10 117s were assigned the R2B2 designation, meaning twin-seater reconnaissance bomber. I freely admit the markings I’ve used may not be appropriate for such a designation, but they were what came in the box. The type was powered by a supercharged 850hp Hispano-Suiza 12Y engine, giving a maximum speed of 350km/h (210mph), range of 1,500km, and a service ceiling of 10,000m. 



Not one of the best-looking aircraft, from a country that has gained something of a reputation for rather ungainly-looking aircraft in the period between the world wars, I can’t help thinking the Mureaux chief draughtsman kept insisting on just one more "waffer thin" strut! The Mureaux 117 was eventually replaced by the equally unconventional Potez 63.11. Many served right through the Battle of France, but were scrapped once the armistice was signed.


The kit doesn’t contain much in the way of parts, and is of an age when raised panel lines and fairly prominent rivets was commonplace. Nevertheless, it builds into a respectable model of an unusual aircraft, though I am aware of some errors and inconsistencies made by Heller. My third entry in this fantastic group build is also my last one. Thanks to everyone that has taken part, encouraged, aided and abetted along the way. I shall now step back into the shadows and maintain my watching brief as a co-host.


The WIP thread can be found here:



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