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Tim K

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The engine was completed but was short of bits and bobs so added some of the pieces from 



This is not the best PE from Eduard, the instructions are hazy in part and there aren't enough spark plug leads.

The WNW instruction book is required to reduice its short comings.

Having spent the best part of a day to lead wires form the two magnetos into the pipe-work and then from this piepwork to the 12 spark plugs (I hope its the magnetos and

spark plugs 😂).

Waiting for the below to harden the engine was dirtied.


I've used the excellent article in 'Air Modellor's guide to WingNut Wings Vol 2; Jeroen Veen Jess'.

The vertical part to the Pilot's seat is a ball ache! It's almost impossible to fit seamlessly.

My work around is to thin it from the rear glue to the Nacelle and then split it and paint the seat and blend into the rest of the cockpit!!

More to follow...

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That engine looks the business. There’s enough copper in there to keep the scrap man happy. 

 I don’t know why WNW did the back of the seat like that as it’s quite visible. 

watching with interest. 

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