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RAF Hercules flap color

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The T.O. for early USAF C-130's  lists FS17178, silver, as the color applied to flap wells. I would guess that since Lockheed built the RAF's Herks, the interior surfaces would most likely be finished the same as the USAF/USMC aircraft. You could also try looking at a copy of the Detail in Scale Camouflage and Markings No. 7 on the C-130, which covers all users. I'm betting one of our Herk authorities will be along with a definitive answer. IIRC, all of the late versions I have seen at airshows and armed forces displays had the modern zinc chromate yellow in the flap wells, but those were all USAF aircraft. I'm thinking the early versions had the silver lacquer flap wells. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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