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More Tornado questions

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Questions for the tornado 'experten',


1. What  were the RAF (BSC) wraparound scheme colours? I think that is was basically RAF dark green and dark sea grey but beyond that would not have a clue wrt the BSC381c no's

2. In the Walkaround section, in the walkaround for the GR.4 ZD843, Operational, Kandehar, Afghanistan I can see what looks like two joystics, one on each side of the inner canopy frame for the rear cockpit occupant which I have not seen before, what is the purpose of these and was this a standard fit to GR.4s later on in their service life?

3. Same walkaround, inside the forward canopy section just above the air con ducting there is an inverted 'V' shape with what looks like some form of sensor attached, again what is this and was this standard?





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The handles were for flares but werent standard fit to the jets, if i remember correct i dont remember seeing them all that often to, same goes the mount in the front, cant remember what that was for sorry 

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