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Harrier GR3, XZ967 D “Donatello”  1473 Flight, Belize 1993.  Built for the Helicopter, Autogyro and STOVL group build.


Airfix 1/72, Freightdog resin tail fin, Pavla jet nozzles, CMK seat, Master pitot and AOA sensor, Brengun PE boarding ladder, decals from  Xtradecal set X72186.


My first attempt at airbrushing a disruptive camouflage scheme using blue tack worms.  True to form I picked a nice easy subject, wrap around and with a complex area around the jet nozzles!


















I was attracted to this aircraft as Donatello was my daughter’s favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and here he is on the tail:




Thanks for looking.



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Gorgeous Harrier! Very well painted too, looks just right. The blu-tack worms is a good trick isn't it, I always use that technique now. 


I thought it was 1/48 from looking, very detailed.

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Excellent Harrier.  I was in Belize in '93 as well with 45 Commando.  We were in the South though and only ever saw RAF Puma's.

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Hello Andwil,

Your first attempt on the camou stage has worked very well.

Most favorite picture: The front one with a good side on the jet engine inlet.

Regards, Orion - The Netherlands.

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