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Hello everyone,


As a palate-cleanser before I embark on my next big build, I kncoked out this lovely little kit. I really must get more of these Revell braille-scalers. I only realised that I glued the headlight in the wrong position after it was too late and the turret welds (stretched sprue) are a bit too heavy, but nevermind.


All OOB apart from a spare PE gunsight from a 1/35 MG fret. It could probably do with a bit of mud and rust/dust and graphite - I may dab a bit on later.











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I m anything but a connoisseur in armor, having only built two in my whole life!

But I really like your model. I did build 2 Esci armors back in the day, and I loved their compact size.




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Nice work. I really like the weathering and the turret weld seams look good to me!

I have this vehicle in 1/48 in the stash and can't wait to build it now.

Thanks for sharing.

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