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This is a Bf 110D Dackelbauch which escorted the Heinkels in the Northern raids on August 15th.

The 'E' code is home made. This plane was lost in the raid, shot down into the sea off Northumberland. The pilot Fw. Klaus Ladwein survived into captivity. The gunner Karl Lenk is MIA


You can see more images in the Battle of Britain Anniversary Group build.

While you are at it check out Ray's Bf 110c master piece. Totally in a different liege. 

Bf 110D image 16


This is my Hurricane which was in the same Battle as the Bf 110D. You will find it in the same Gallery.


This is one of the defending planes of 605 squadron in the 15th August northern raids. It was flown by P/O Kenneth Schadtler-Law. UP-O, P2717

I think you can guess why I chose this plane. 

Ken was South African.

On this raid he shot down one of the raiders into the sea. In doing so he was hit and had to land in a field which resulted in the plane turning over and he

injured his head


Hurricane image 9


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Lovely builds mate., a nice historical pairing that we should see more often. 

Cheers and well modelled.. Dave 

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I just finished the He 111H-4 member of the raid. Only the Spitfire to do now. I will put the Heinkel thread up in a day or two.

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