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Somua S35 (also known as Pz.Kpfw S35 739(f) )

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I've been somewhat remiss with my group builds this year, with none competed.
Hope this will break my duck

"This" is a Somua S35, captured and taken into German service.  The example I plan to build here will be one used for anti-partisan operations in Yugoslavia.
My base kit will be the Tamiya example (is there another?) supplemented by DEF Model resin & PE components to try and improve on Tamiya's offering and add German specific modifications.
(Actually it is three DEF model sets in one boxing)

The box tops...

The sprue shots




And the after market stuff ...

The DEF AM stuff

MTO / Yugoslav theatre decal options:

And, my reference source


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Thanks for the welcome Ozzy

In 1942, the Somua S35 "was the best armoured tank on the Balkans.  In firepower only the German Pz.Kpfw IV medium tank and Sturmgeschütz III assault gun were able to compete."

quote from German Panzers and Allied Armour in Yugoslavia (p42)


The build has started; I'd forgotten how nice Tamiya kits are to build.

The Tamiya parts of the upper hull and turret have progressed well, and are ready for the AM components.


The running gear is also making headway


The tracks are possibly the easiest plastic tracks I've worked with.  Just press the links together - they hold while being flexible.
They may prove to be too light, but otherwise, Tamiya's tracks are excellent.

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This has been quiet for a while, I've been distracted by the Panther STGB.
Started adding decals.

Decals?  Has painting started?
No ... Decals for casting or foundry marks.




There is carrier film under these marks, but it is very fine.

I've also given a shot of black and white primer


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Some more attention has been given to the lower hull, with additional paint, and the running gear now added.



The spot in the middle of the mud chute is wet Tamiya super thin.  This is likely to disappear either through evaporation, with the next re-spray, or failing that, become part of the weathering later.

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