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A couple of little projects to keep me busy.


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  • 2 weeks later...

All of the walls and the ceiling are now painted. Shadows are making it look patchy. Laminate floor laid, and air turned a right royal shade of blue. Swmbo, apparently, could hear my expletives when she was sitting out on the veranda. It was OK once I had about four rows laid, but those first four……..!:angry:






That’s the worktops lying on the floor. Once I’ve done some more shopping, they’ll be cut to length and fitted in place. It won’t be long now before I start to move stuff in. Swmbo will be pleased as she has already announced that my old hobby room will be hers. Good grief! How much knitting wool can one woman have?





Lighting is all wired up and in place. Once the worktops are fixed, the power will be run to the various sockets.

Not long now and I will be able to take up residence.





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15 hours ago, Bullbasket said:

Good grief! How much knitting wool can one woman have?

Too much is never enough ...

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  • 2 months later...

Well, I'm calling this done (well, almost). All that's left to do is add some shelves and I hope to build a couple more display units to go where the CD storage rack stands at the moment.





The spray booth is in place, as is the compressor underneath it. You can tell by the organised chaos that I've already started building models again. Throughout the recent hot spell, the temperature outside reached 32 degrees, but remained at a very comfortable 22 in my new room. I hope that when the cold weather arrives, that the insulation keeps it nice and warm in there.





And now, after  long wait, it's back to the models.



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16 hours ago, bentwaters81tfw said:

How long before SWMBO commandeers it?

Not a chance!! She'd have to get passed the army of attack spiders as she came through the door of the barn first.:spider:



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