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L1592 was built at Brooklands 1 May 1938. KW-Z No. 615 (County of Surrey) Squadron was based at Kenley from 20 May to 29 August 1940, so took part in the first part of the Battle of Britain. It was present for the convoy battles of the first phase, the coastal battles of the second phase and for the first five days of the third and hardest phase of the battle, the assault on Fighter Command. After that, the squadron was withdrawn to northern Scotland for a rest. On 10 October it moved down to Northolt.
18 August 1940. Pilot Officer D.J.Looker of No 615 (County of Surrey) Squadron was wounded in his Hurricane I (L1592) KW-Z following combat with a Bf 109 near Sevenoaks in Kent and he was also shot at by the airfield defences at Croydon, and carried out a forced landing near Croydon. Repaired RAF Henlow 10.40, returned to service. RAF Air Historical Branch, Stanmore 45-54 (stored dismantled various locations, then display exhibit as “DT-A” later “US-D”) Science Museum, South Kensington, London 16.12.54-20 (stored Sydenham for Science Museum 54-60, moved to Dunsford 22.8.60 for restoration by Hawker as “KW-Z”, displayed at the Science Museum from 5.61 as RAF “L1592/KW-Z”).

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9 hours ago, hurricane39 said:

Always look forward to your submissions Ratch.  Great job and excellent history.  Lovely job on the canopy.  Did you use a mask set?

Thanks very much - just hand-cut Tamiya tape :winkgrin:

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Hi Ratch,


this is a great looking Hurricane! Top show!

I suspect I must be the only one left on Earth who hasn't built one.

It looks like a great little kit, and after the Ratch treatment it becomes absolutely attractive.




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