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Revell 1/72 Saab JAS39-D Gripen

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Latest off the bench is the Revell 1/72 Saab JAS39-D Gripen, built OOB.


The last few months have been very quiet on the modelling bench, with family, work and uni all fighting for my time. 

I have been chipping away at this kit for the past few months whenever I could spare a bit of time, with all my other projects on hold for the moment.


I probably could have spent a few more hours on fixing seams and weathering, but I felt that I needed to just get something off the bench to maintain the mojo. 

Thanks for looking.











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Beautiful!  I built Revell's single seater a few months ago.  The finish on yours is very realistic.  I'm a little jealous that your kit came with the anti-shipping missiles.  Great job!

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This is a great model of a lovely little jet, that unfortunately has very dull camouflage and markings (whoever flies it) . To make it look as exciting as how it flies is difficult, but you have done a great job.  

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