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Falklands GB 2022

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Pop me down, I fancy building one of those new Kinetic Harriers.

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Add me to the list ... though taking Brian Hanrahan's words - "I counted them all out and counted them all back" . Currently  I do not have anything in the stash that is suitable - plenty of time to rectify that :)

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Hi Enzo 2020 sounds  good  to me, put  my name down  please, Sea Harrier or a GR3, I think .


Cheers  Les 

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Huge thanks to @mike c for the Matchbox decals, I'm in with this project.


Chinook Bravo November.


I'd built the Matchbox Chinook previously - destroyed during a house move.  

That one was BN, but only because it was 18 Sqdn - and I flew in an 18 Sqdn Wessex on ATC camp.

I'd realised this was the sole surviving Chinook, but not the full story.


Since then I've seen all the documentaries about this aircraft,  only really taking an interest when Mike Brewer was aboard BN for an episode of Frontline Battle Machines.

This was a casevac mission in Afghanistan, and BN was hit, the pilot Flight Lieutenant Ian Fortune injured - but flew on, subsequently receiving the aircraft's 4th DFC medal. 


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I would like to take part as well, it would seem rude not to really.


Subject will be decided at the last minute!





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