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Pssssttt! Wanna buy a helicopter?

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We've got two for sale at tomorrow and Sunday's Spotters Weekend and Collectors Sale at the Helicopter Museum, Weston Super Mare.  The cabs for sale are Wessex HAS.3 XS149 and Wessex HU.5 XT472 "Geronimo".  

These aircraft are not all that we have on view and for sale this weekend.  There are engines, seats and all manner of aircraft components.  There is also a massive second-hand book stall, in aid of the museum charity with loads of aviation subjects.   In addition, there are various signed prints of aircraft and aviation related subject.  

Here is a general summary of the event this weekend:

19th & 20th September 2020
Behind the Scenes Spotters Weekend

A second rare opportunity to have a Behind the Scenes look and
to learn about the work of the museum and  view the airframes awaiting
restoration and not on general public display throughout the day


Spotters Weekend Collectors Sale
As part of our Spotters Weekend there will also be a sale of
collectable aviation memorabilia inside the museum on both days.

Items will include Signed Squadron Prints, Signed Artwork,
Rotor Blades, Aircraft seats, Helicopter & Aeroplane parts
plus a few rather large surprises


Come along this weekend to our Spotters Weekend and check out our new hangar and exhibits.




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Do you deliver? Sounds like a great event, I hope it all goes well.


Duncan B

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Sounds like a great (socially-distanced) event. I haven't been to the Helicopter Museum for at least ten years. Really must go back there, soon. I hope the event goes well and raises a lot of money for the venue. 



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Didn't realise this was one but went with two of my model club mates to the museum on Saturday expecting a "normal" day. Imagine my surprise to discover a mini-model show taking place. It was great to stumble across this as we are so starved of such events right now.


I even picked up a few second hand models at very reasonable prices - Airfix (old tool) English Electric Lightning F1A, a FROG Fairey Barracuda and a FROG Canberra B(I)8.


And we got a very informative guided tour of the outside storage area by a chap called Martin.


Very pleasant day all round 

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