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AMT 1971 Dodge Charger convert to 1974 Charger

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A bit more work done on the Charger. I've added some bmf chrome trim and began test fitting previously completed parts, it's starting to look (a little) more complete now ...






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23 hours ago, busnproplinerfan said:

Hard to believe, these were daily drivers one time. Model looks good.

Thanks! yes, this one was driven daily to work, home for lunch, back to work and back home again at the end of the day, 18 km 1 way, every couple of months it was filled with AV gas (100/ 130 octane) for some real power!

20 hours ago, johnlambert said:

That looks so good, the finished model is going to be stunning!

Thank you! 

I hope I don't disappoint you!

After much test fitting trimming repeat repeat repeat (remember it's made from 3 models) I've got the interior fitted and the floor installed. The front K member is only sitting in the model at this time as I needed to do some detail work (that I forgot earlier)

It makes for a lot more fiddling around fitting the interior this way but it's the only way I could see to do it as there are so many borrowed (donor) parts the fit has to be done a piece at a time.




Window edging trim is tape strips painted white




finally all glued together


up on blocks for bottom end fitting



Thank you for looking


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building side markers (sawed off the MPC  1/25 1978 Dodge Monaco/Plymouth Fury Police car)

Here the chrome (reflective) backing is added;


And painted clear red (with a touch of clear orange) I had all 4 lights red on my car, the law requires the front side markers to be yellow...but I was more interested in aesthetics than legal issues so I put red ones on all 4 corners. these will be added near the end of the build...which I may actually complete!


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To bad these were just a bit before my time. I grew up hearing lots of stories about these Mopars. Can I ask what city your in?

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6 hours ago, busnproplinerfan said:

To bad these were just a bit before my time. I grew up hearing lots of stories about these Mopars. Can I ask what city your in?


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7 hours ago, busnproplinerfan said:

Cool, S'toon, not far from you.

small world hey? (As the Covid can tell ya)

A few hours of fiddling around (takes me a long time to make any single piece) I have added a scratch built Coolant overflow, Windshield washer tank, heater hoses, and brake booster vacuum hose to the model. I will need to do more in the engine bay yet. I was test fitting the bumper to the shell and realized there is absolutely no bumper or headlight mounting hardware in this highly visible area. I know there is a huge space between the front bumper and radiator... 

(I used to be able to put a case of 24 beer in this space and a high speed drive would cool them right down nicely.)

But there was also a fair bit of structure there as well, I'll see what I can cobble together.

The recovery tank is a Plymouth Superbird fender air scoop modified to do the job of coolant recovery, 1/4 full of mucky looking coolant;


the washer fluid reservoir is a piece of "Plastruct" I beam with the bottom flange removed and a triangle shape made with sheet styrene and a disc punched for the lid, shown here about 1/4 full of blue fluid;


engine bay before additives;


bits n pieces added;


Thanks for looking

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On 15/10/2020 at 22:15, busnproplinerfan said:

Are you going yo leave the bottom side clean or dirty it up?

Yes, kind of...it'll get a light spray of light brown eventually just to even up and blend in all the colors and components I've got going here. Thanks for reminding me.


On 15/10/2020 at 23:50, Fnick said:

Those extra details in the engine bay are very nice addition. Makes it look more realistic.


Thanks! It's not like AMT missed a lot of things but the washer tank and overflow bottle are fairly obvious ommisions


Aaannnd carrying on, I haven't built many car models, the ones I have done (3) showing a lack of detail/ structure in the collision space behind the bumper in front of the rad support station is being addressed here, not strictly accurate to be sure but a little more representative of the tin work in the area.

Shown here, the front fender mounting brackets, the headlight supports, V frame for the hood latch, assist spring (to pop the hood up when the release is pulled) and the bumper liner (the black frame) still needing the inner front fender tin (outboard behind the headlights, near the outer fender skin)...work in progress.

Making fender caps (left over p.e. scraps);


test fitting










Thanks for looking

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I've cobbled together a representation of front brakes, dust shields etc and have finally filed flats on the tires and attached them.

The stance is wrong, the real one sat a fair bit lower in front...something I've done wrong in my measurements obviously but not much I can do about it now. Oh well, I have yet to build a perfect model.


the last remaining kit parts to glue on;




the final gloss coat on the tail lights makes them look rough, they look better with the eye than they do in pictures


Thanks for looking

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wrapping up the Dodge after 9 years of off and on...(ok, mostly off ) work I have added the last few bits, no badges as mine had none. I will probably revisit the tail lights and grille if/ when my modelling abilities improve, as well, the hood needs a re-paint, I marked it, sanded it re-painted it but the feather edging was insufficient and shows.

A couple pics of the finished model with the real car (and the state it was in when I got it)




Thanks for staying with me on this project...I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming

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