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F/A-18C Exterior Set (MD4844 for Hobby Boss) 1:48


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F/A-18C Exterior Set (MD4844 for Hobby Boss)

1:48 Metallic Details




The origins of the Hobby Boss Legacy Hornet line of kits date back to 2007, with a few reboxings in various schemes, including the RAAF airframe we reviewed some years ago.  Like all kits it could do with some upgrading, which is why Metallic Details have created this new exterior set for us the modellers.  It arrives in the by now familiar resealable clear foil bag with card backing, and the two Photo-Etch (PE) frets taped to the card so they don’t rattle round and get damaged.  Behind the card are the instructions, folded neatly in half.




Construction begins with the vents either side of the cockpit spine, which have the chunky inner section removed to be replaced by the new covers that glue straight into place from inside.  Then chaff & flare boxes are added to the underside along with a large vent on the centreline and raised oval lips to two depressions forward of the main gear bays.  Inside the short oval air-intakes a new engine front is provided, and the splitter plates are skinned with new highly detailed parts, taking care with their orientation as per the scrap diagram provided.  The rear faces of the engines are augmented by adding two rings to the kit part, building up the detail of the afterburner ring, then rolling up a new internal trunking skin to fit inside the exhausts, all of which is duplicated with the other engine.  A stiffening web for the inside of the central airbrake are stuck to the inside of the part, made from four pieces in total and a little folding required to get it all looking good.


Slime lights are included for the tails and nose, then a pair of detailed insert panels are fitted on each side of the fuselage under the tail, along with another pair of slime lights and panels, plus tiny detail parts for the strengthening plates at the base of the tails, and a small intake near the top.  On the inboard face of the tail, there are three more strengthening plates added to the existing parts, this time folded to an L-shape to match the contours of their location.  Under the nose two areas should either be removed or scraped thinner to accept the insert panels that improve detail immensely in those locations, with the results being well worth the effort.  You have a choice of two types for each of the two panels, which should be contoured to follow the curve of the nose.  This same technique is used on the shoulders of the wings to insert another panel that has two circular(ish) vents of two optional styles added, another appliqué panel just forward of the vents, and the kit strake next to them is adjusted to allow the fitting of a base-plate from PE.  A panel is added under the starboard LERX, and a set of bird-slicers for the nose if they were fitted on your decal choice.



A lovely set that adds some crisp detail to the standard kit, and we can’t wait to see the interior set they have for it.  You can see lots of pictures of the parts in situ on an unpainted model by following the link below.


Very highly recommended.



Review sample courtesy of


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