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Having spent way too hours lately on my 1:1 MX5 NC (3.5) PRHT Sport Tech, I've realised I don't actually have a kit of "My" car.

I have the MK1 and MK4 Tamiya kits (a mk2 is available from Aoshime I believe..), but I'm not sure you can get a mk3?

Can anyone enlighten me?

Ideally 1/24th, but would consider other scales, just not another 1:1!



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Hi Rick,

there is a Fujimi kit of the NC but it’s OOP at present.  None of the usual suspects here or in Japan give much hope for returning to stock.  Not sure if they’ll ever reissue, as the NC is less loved for whatever reason.  But if Aoshima keep reissuing the NB I don’t see why Fujimi Wouldn’t think it worth a punt - I assume it depends on JDM view of the NC. 
The NB is available in standard and Mazdaspeed (body kit, wheels, roll bar and seats) versions from Aoshima, and easily available here from Kent or Hiroboy.

This was my effort:



Tamiya have actually issued two versions of the NA, the Eunos Roadster still easily available but in the past there was a Miata issue, it came with a red body shell, not sure if it included LHD parts as one would expect for a Miata?


There is also a Revell kit for the Miata, unsurprisingly not as nice as the Tamiya  apparently but comes with some dodgy race decals and parts, more importantly it has an opening bonnet and engine.  


I am about to build my ND RF, needless to say Tamiya have now issued their kit as an RF so I’m not sure what I’ll do with the Plamoz conversion I bought  - the Tamiya RF kit includes the Recaro seats so I succumbed rather than bodge the standard ones.




PS there are plenty of NC die-casts available, I’ve seen 1/24 and 1/18 online.

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Thanks Will.

I'll need to keep an eye open for the Aoshima one.

I'd like to make one that looks like this:



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