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How to Paint Imperial Galactic Fighters – Solution Book 05(A.MIG-6520)

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How to Paint Imperial Galactic Fighters – Solution Book 05(A.MIG-6520)

AMMO of Mig Jiménez




There are a huge number of people that love the Sci-Fi movies of the Star Wars franchise, and some of the designs are amongst the most recognised spacecraft designs in the world.  Of course there wouldn’t be any drama without a worthy adversary for the heroes of our story, which leads to the Galactic Empire, and later the First Order, who stepped in to fill the power vacuum after the apparent death of the evil Emperor Palpatine.  Initially is was Star Destroyers and TIE Fighters, with the TIE Advanced making an appearance at the end of Episode IV during the Deathstar Trench battle, but the range of imperial equipment broadened with each successive movie.  With the ending of the nine films of the Skywalker Saga, we’re spoiled for choice whether we enjoy portraying the baddies or the goodies.


The Book

This book deals with the baddies, although the techniques can be applied to many craft of either side.  It is the turn of The Empire, specifically the TIE Advanced, and provides copious advice on how to create, paint and weather the 1:72 model, with kits from Bandai, Fine Molds, which is also reboxed in Revell garb, which is probably the easiest and cheapest option, given their excellent distribution network.  After a brief introduction to the series, the first section of the book covers the various products that will be used during the second section, which are the products that are needed to complete the task, which are all available from AMMO as you would expect, but of course there are similar products available from other manufacturers that you might already have in your modelling arsenal.






The second section contains a ton of advice on using the products mentioned in section 1.  There is another short introduction regarding the specific subject as mentioned above, then it launches into the painting and weathering process beginning with a group of sub-assemblies that enable the modeller to get to work on the cockpit, the Darth Vader figure and the instrument decals around his seat.  Then basic exterior painting is begun, initially having a bland overall coating, followed by painting the cranked “solar” sails and lots of masking of the black areas.  The panel lines are darkened then various lightening phases are applied, plus accents, streaks and other grime that starts to individualise any model.  As well as various captions, there are also a series of icons that help to guide you along, with a key at the beginning in case you can’t figure them out from the graphics.  Oil Brusher highlights then gives way to washes of various colours to further break the monotony of the base colour and adding more streaks, stains and general degrading and weathering of the paintwork.  Finally, a two-page spread shows a summary of the finished model with the product images around it with arrows showing where they were used.








These books are quite wallet friendly, and if you’ve not come across the techniques documented within they’re a useful resource.  Even if you have used them before, they’re a useful quick reference, and for someone like myself with the memory of an amœba, they’ll come in very handy indeed.


Highly recommended.



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