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RNZAF Tiger Moth

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Let me start by saying I love biplanes but I hate rigging so I tend to avoid them. The RNZAF and NZPAF did have a lot though and I feel I have to try, so buoyed by the mediocrity that was my Walrus I attempted the new Airfix Tiger Moth. It is an excellent kit, I used no filler whatsoever and every part literally clicked into place.



I used the SBS etched rigging which is great but doesn't give you the control lines for elevators or rudder. It does give you a number of inspection panels which are post war fitting and as my machine was built in 1939 at Hatfield then shipped in a knocked down state to the new D.H. factory at Rongotai and reassembled in January 1940, these pieces weren't used. NZ740 was one of the first dozen machines assembled at Rongotai and was issued to the Flying Instructors School at either Hobsonville or Magere depending on which source you read.




I have a photo of her believed to be taken in 1942, which surprisingly shows she was not carrying a fin flash and another photo on the RNZAF museum site, probably from the same sortie, shows she carried B type roundels on the top wings.





The previous Tiger Moth I built was from the excellent Aeroclub kit, I dug it out of the carrying box for comparison, she is finished as NZ723 which was impressed into the RNZAF at the outbreak of WWII in 1939,  She is still in civilian colours but the registration letters have been removed and RNZAF markings added.




I still have another Aeroclub Tiger Moth, a Dh 60 and a Hawker Demon to convert to a Hind to do,  I may not leave it another 14 years to have a go.


Thanks for looking and sticking with me through this ramble.

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Steve, the main issue I have is the odd font used in the fuselage numbers especially at 3 EFTS, I don't know of any such decals available. I have a great book on the subject, New Zealand Tiger Moths by Jenks and Phillips full of interesting schemes but the rigging is a pain. 


Stay safe mate

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They both look gorgeous Andy,..... although the yellow one does look superb. Nice kit isn`t it,.... I`m just putting my third together and I hate rigging even more than you do mate!!



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2 hours ago, Silver Fox said:

I don't know of any such decals available

Thanks Andy, I know that Old models do a sheet & the recentish Xtradecals one had a Kiwi machine on it too, best I sort out my options from these.

Take care,



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I looked at the OLdmodels sheet and apart from a  33 they didn't look that great but I will give them another look as it was a few months ago and my memory isn't what it was. The Xtradecals sheet looks right.


Tony, no excuses then I need another one

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