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color demarcation and thin decals

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I noticed that some color schemes feature a thin demarcal´tion line (usually provided as a decal between two contrasting colors. Now my problem is how to mask the model in order to get the demarcation in the correct location. Any ideas?


I have the following ideas for an approach:


1. paint the first color coat, place the decal, then seal it with varnish and/or  coat it with masking fluid, then spray the second color

2. Copy the decal on plain paper, cut one side precisely along the color demarcation line, then apply the wet paper technique to place it on the model and  spray the second color.

3. ...?


For example there is a thin yellow line between the black and aluminum color on this scheme:




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Photocopy the decal sheet. Lay wide Tamiya tape across the photocopy. Use a sharp knife to cut along the yellow line, thus creating a mask from the tape. Remove from the paper copy and apply to your model in the correct position, spray and remove the mask, et voila, you have your perfect edge. Apply the decal over the two colours, job done 🙂

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