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1/48 Hispano Aviación HA-1112 Buchon

At Sea

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Does anyone make one of these in 1/48, or a conversion kit?


Thinking of making a Spitfire IX and a Buchon in 1/48 for my cabinet as a tribute to the film aircraft.





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1 hour ago, At Sea said:

Does anyone make one of these in 1/48,

yes, full kit, by Hobbycraft , then reissued by Academy.

Don't think it's been available for a while,  but it's not rare.

Note, Hobbycraft did a specific film boxing



this is the last Academy boxing.


says 2004


I'd suggest the easiest way to find on of these is to ask here in the wanted section,  as the lockdown has made getting older kits a more expensive prospect via ebay,  or used kit dealers.


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