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Highly inspired by a post by @bgire a while back, where he presented some Russian probes by Red Iron Models, I promptly ordered Sputnik 1 and Vostok 1. (And recently also Lunokhood 1.) Of these I have now finished Sputnik 1. This is the first time I tried Molotow Liquid Chrome in the airbrush, and this could easily be my favourite chrome for future projects. Just have a bit of it in the airbrush from a refill bottle, and lay it down wet on the model. There's no primer, no base coat, just resin under this. Left it to dry for a couple of days and have avoided handling it as much as possible since to maintain the mirror effect.










Even for 1:35 scale, this is a small model, but then again, Sputnik wasn't a large satellite.




Arild :) 

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Well, you've sold me. That's a very nice result with the chrome, on a well-turned out model. I like what you've done with the stand, too, which looks so much better than the photographs on the Red Iron website.

The aerials are produced from the rather unpromising coil of wire provided with the kit, I assume? That's a nice result, too, if so.

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Thanks! Its the best chrome I've had thus far (and I've tried a bunch). I don't know how well it will respond to being handled. I've avoided touching it on this model, so I need to run some tests, but given enough drying time, I guess it should be OK. I want to use it on an Apollo Command module at some stage, and if so it will need to be handled, decaled, etc.


The stand was just bombed with Citadel Chaos Black from a can, and then I just scraped/sanded the paint off the letters to reveal the resin. The model seen on Red Iron Model's home page looks more like a CAD rendering to me?


The aerials are from the kit copper wire, indeed. I rolled them "straight" under a small metal block and tried not to bend them, which obviously is difficult with such a soft metal. I wanted to replace them with steel wire, but I didn't find any of the right size. Couldn't quite get rid of the curve in them, but that was more of a bonus than anything.

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