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Hobbyboss Messerschmitt Bf 109 G2 in 1/72nd Scale.

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G'day Chums,here's my quick and dirty attempt at this one.I failed to find a photo of this machine so I thought I'd finish the paint job slightly differently to the one in the instructions.The dorsal DF loop was replaced with thin wire,the sliding portions of the maingear legs had self adhesive aluminium foil applied,the cannon barrels were replaced with wire insulation.I painted the wingtips white as part of the theatre markings and I fancied a scalloped leading edge camouflage join,which was not as easy as it looks.I hairy sticked this one as a part of my campaign to become proficient with the new generation of Humbrol enamels and Xtracolour.Then I managed to snap off the antenna mast.Never mind,it happened sooner rather than later.The decals,slightly out of register as they were,went on with no problems as usual.



















Thanks for looking in chums,stay safe and be lucky.


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