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1:144 "Top Gun" Lineup

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After a ~30 year hiatus from model-making, this suburban dad is getting back into the hobby (the last time I tried building something was a cheap AH-64 Apache snap-kit that I mangled back in the early 1990s). Alas, I don't have the space to safely display 1:48 or 1:72 scale models away from my son's clumsy little hands, so it's 1:144 for me (for now).


I saw this post by nimrod54 and got inspired:


Here is my A-4F Skyhawk in modified "Top Gun" livery, Maverick and Goose's F-14A Tomcat from the beginning of the movie, and the dreaded "Mig-28" (F-5E Tiger II):


A-4F Skyhawk
- Manufacturer: Eduard 
- Product: EDU04466
- Scale: 1:144
- Paints: Krylon Spray Paint Espresso (SCS-035), Krylon Spray Paint Cinnamon (SCS-097), and Model Master Spray Paint Medium Green (FS34102) 
- Decals: from the kit


F-14A Tomcat
- Manufacturer: Revell
- Product: 04021
- Scale: 1:144
- Paints: Tamiya Spray Paint Light Ghost Gray (AS-26) and Tamiya Spray Paint Insignia White (AS-20) 
- Decals: custom from eBay.com username "globaltoy"


"Mig 28"/F-5E Tiger II
- Manufacturer: Revell
- Product: 03947
- Scale: 1:144
- Paint: Krylon Spray Paint Flat Back (SCS-056)
- Decals: custom from BritModeller.com username "nimrod54"


Thank you again nimrod54! I know it's cliché to blame the internet for all of society's ills as of late (and I admit, it has enabled those with hate in their hearts to organize/find one another, e.g. neo-Nazis), but every now and then the world wide web surprises you. A total stranger (nimrod54) ended up being totally gracious, magnanimous, and generous with his time (and resources). I appreciate it, nimrod54.




P.S. I still have a few decals left over. I will "pay it forward" and mail them to anyone who needs them! There's enough to decal at least two more "Mig-28s".

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1 hour ago, busnproplinerfan said:

They don't look 144, nicely made. Have to mount the F-14 above the F-5 inverted :).

Haha, yes! @nimrod54 already did a great job on the inverted scene; why try to improve on it? :)


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3 hours ago, TheyJammedKenny! said:

Nicely done, sir!  I especially like the camo job on the Skyhawk--done with spray cans, no less, and in 1/144!

Thank you! Someone on this very forum (forgive me; I forget who) explained how to use silly putty for masking, and it set me on the right path! 

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