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Ta-Daa! Only 11 years in the making, I started this in 2009 (When HL brought out the Panzer III) and got disillusioned 6 months later when they produced the StuG. The recent lockdown prompted me to revisit all the half-finished models, and this was the oldest.

It's based on the HL Panzer. All the superstructure forward of the engine cover was removed, and the StuG crew compartment, gun and schurzen scratchbuilt. I also gutted the interior, stiffening the hull sideplates with 3mm styrene for full metal suspension and tracks, and fitting an aluminium plate in the front to take Mato metal gearboxes. It also has the Asiatam recoil system and the new fan powered smoker. Due to it's vintage it is still running the TK-13 main board. I also fitted a bigger speaker, moved the battery to the inside of the hull and added a charging port under one of the rear engine hatches. The left hand main engine hatch is hinged with access to volume control, off/on and smoke on/off. It's very crowded inside the hull!  I also added some aftermarket (tiger) parts that were suitable, reskinned the mudguards and hinged the ends. Lots of clips and brackets were fabricated from brass, the MG shield is completely made from brass.


Basic hull layout



Gun location and recoil



Switch panel



With all the bits and pieces on it (and the lack of Zimmerit) it dates to about May 1943 production. It will get weathered slightly, I just need to find some muddy puddles.





















Hope you like it!


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On 18/09/2020 at 22:28, Model Mate said:

very nice! I assume it's 1/72?

I see what you're getting at now. It's 1/16, and radio controlled, so I VERY carefully posted it in "large Scale AFVs (1:16 and above)".  Assuming that, as it was Heng Long based, and in that forum, most people would know the scale...

Magically it has moved to this forum, as did my NZ Walker Bulldog in 1/16 that I posted some time ago.


Would whoever is doing this please a) Tell me it's moving and b) explain why I've apparently posted in the wrong forum.

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  • Jo NZ changed the title to StuG IIIG from a 1/16 Panzer

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