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[1/48 Hobby Boss] TBF-1C Avenger [09/09/2020 Part 2: The cockpit]

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Hello to all,


While the Mirage 2000 awaits its paintings, I attacked another kit, the TBF-1C Avenger from Hobby boss. It is a rather original subject which does not exist very little at 1/48 in the end apart from Accurate Miniatures.


The kit is complete, beautiful, as much as the AM, I can not judge, I never had it in hand, I leave it to the experts.


However, the kit has its shortcomings, such as many injection pads placed everywhere and especially in places that are difficult to access such as in the arming bay for example where this area is dotted with injection pads.


Finally there is a little "flush" to eliminate on some parts too, and finally we would have liked more details on the side of the fuselage where we have the door of the aircraft.


We will see how this kit is fitting, with its satisfactory level of detail. T


he kit will be built out of the box with wings extended and flaps and door open.


In terms of loadout, it will be those present on the boxart, tanks, rockets and bombs of 250 kg, that seems a bit much to me, I still leave it to the experts on this side.


Finally I would like to add that HB is not very efficient when it comes to indicating the colors for painting the different parts of the kit, I had to go online to find how to paint the details of the cockpit to the extent that nothing is indicated. Now some pictures:



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