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L.1049G Super Constellation & C-121C Constellation (MD14440 for Revell)

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L.1049G Super Constellation & C-121C Constellation (MD14440 for Revell)

1:144 Metallic Details




This new set from Metallic Details gives the old Revell 1:144 Super Connie and military C-121C Connie (the finless one) a new lease of life, bringing the detail up from 2007 levels to modern levels of detail.  If you’ve been following their work over the last few months, you’ll know that they make superbly detailed sets, and this one is no different.  It arrives in a flat clear foil pack with the Photo-Etch (PE) brass taped to a header card, and the resin parts taped to the front in a small card box for safety.  Inside that box the resin parts are cocooned in another clear foil bag for extra protection.






Construction begins with the three gear legs, which are detailed with new PE oleo-scissors after removal of the blocky plastic mouldings, then brake hosing and an equipment box are glued to the legs, and brake detail is added to the nose wheel.  The new nose gear bay is folded into a box shape, and has additional details installed within, then the kit nose gear bay is cut in half, reusing the shallow section and replacing the deeper area with the new highly detailed bay section, and adding skins to the retained styrene section.  The nose bay is fitted into the fuselage with more wiring inserted, and a number of antenna and other PE parts are glued externally around it, including a new two-layer nose bay cover.


The main bays are decked out with a full set of curved skins that include new detail and bracing pieces to both sections, plus wiring harnesses and door retraction mechanisms.  A set of static discharge wicks are included on the fret, and these are applied to the horizontal and vertical tail fins, and to the trailing edges of the wings around the ailerons and wingtips.  The resin parts and a few of the remaining PE parts are fitted around the airframe with a forest of antenna choices around the cockpit and windscreen wipers for which you’ll need to check your references to ensure you fit the correct ones for your chosen airframe.



This is just the ticket for anyone wanting to put extra effort into their Connie, and this will certainly raise the levels up well beyond that of the standard kit.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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