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Hobby boss 1:48 P47-D Thunderbolt Bubbletop

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Dear fellow Modellers,

I offer this Ready For Inspection..

My second P47D this year.!

This is the Hobbyboss kit which I added a few spare parts from the Tamiya kit I didn't use I the previous build. 

The retracted flap gear, the rocket pods and the decals.


There are a couple of details I might add like the 'no step' red warning panels on the wings ( which i added this morning after i posted these pics). But basically its finished.

































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PAINTSHataka US Army Air Force Set - Aluminium and US Olive Drab (early) / Tamiya XF-7 Red /Tamiya Cockpit green/ Tamiya Yellow Green 'primer' /Humbrol Black Satin


WEATHERING My own enamel 'wash' using Humbrol  black / 4B Lead pencil



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15 minutes ago, VolkerR. said:

Great model!

How does the HB kit compare to the Tamiya one?



Thank you Sir. 


i did a full review here




However, It looks to be quite a nice kit for the money. Crisp mouldings. Little flash. small pieces are very good. The plastic is nice quality but a little soft compared to the Tamiya hard plastic. The engravings are light but appear to be recessed nicely.

It's limited in comparison with the Tamiya offering..

  • No options to add rockets / pylons / bombs or the under-wing drop tanks. (This isn't a problem of course as the 2 examples to build to are probably Escort fighter configurations.) 
  • A lot of scope for cockpit improvement here! The seat lacks the upright supports.. but have a pair of these from the a Tamiya kit in spares. No details to speak of for the cockpit side controls  and gear.. 
  • No pilot figure. - Again not a problem as if you wanted you could add an aftermarket one.
  • A few small details not included unlike the Tamiya kit. e.g. Hydraulic pistons legs for the U/C doors., cartridge case deflectors on wings
  • NO cutouts for gun ejector chutes
  • A one piece canopy - would have to cut the canopy to do this as an open canopy model. The canopy moulding is actually very nice with very well cast ,slightly lipped dividing lines between Perspex and metal. 
  • Decals - are thin but with careful handling they slumped in to the recessed panel lines very nicely. They come off the backing sheet within 20 secs so beware! they wont take a lot of handling during positioning.

For the cost it was very good value and appears to be based on the Tamiya kit.  - a cheap Chinese copy?  Worth buying if you have some spare parts to add like the rocket launchers as i did! But even OOB it's a nice kit for £12.00. The Tamiya comes in at around £32.00. 



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7 minutes ago, Epeeman said:

Great model and not overdone on the weathering front - looks great





Thanks Dave

Glad you approve of my approach to weathering. 

I think 'Less is More' on weathering. I've had some very positive comments on my developing weathering skills from the models i've presented in RFI recently. Must be doing something right! lol


I noticed you are in to Fencing? My boss, Steve, is a very keen fencer. He's been national champion a few times i believe. 

Kind Regards,



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So looks like i'll have to repaint some more of the dreaded kitchen cupboards! That was the 'Deal' i struck.. what was i thinking? lol...

1 model = 3 cupboard doors.


Plenty more in the kit stash but the question is what should i start next?


1. Revell 1:48 B17 as 'Meat Hound '91st BG  ( decided firmly against another Memphis Belle)

2. Revell 1:72 B17 as  Little Miss Mischief' 91st BG

3. Tamiya 1:48 6x6 2 1/2 ton Airfield fuel truck


Anyone care to vote on which one?


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I'm feeling very strongly drawn to making a diorama for the P-47s.. 

A USAAF 'Spectacle ' Loop perhaps?  50 foot width incorporating an RAF ' Lollypop'  hard-standing.at the entrance. 

I recently read an academic paper on RAF Hethel  - Station 114 in Norfolk which described how this was a development often done to existing facilities. It's where Lotus Cars have a test track now. 

It will be big in 1:48 scale as 1/4 inch is a foot .. 


https://bracon-ash-and-hethel-history.webnode.com/_files/200000527-1b4061c3c7/Discuss the Development of Hethel Air Field During the Second World War 6,592.pdf



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