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Hi everyone

This is my Revell 1/72 EH-101 Merlin HM.1 representing the aircraft ZH860. The Kit had incredibly good detail, it had raised rivets along the sides of the aircraft but not the top or bottom. The fit was very good and required minimal filling and sanding. I drilled small holes into the stairs (if that is what they are called) at the side to try copy how it looked in pictures. The decals where good and conformed well to the surface detail. For weathering, I used panel liner to make the rivets more visible and oil paint to add small oil leaks and exhaust stains. I also used it look like it had been at sea for a while.

Thanks for looking






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That is a superb build mate.  Looks nicely weathered and worn without being too excessive.  Perfect lighting as well for your photos.


I had left the forces before this became operational so never did get to fly in one, gutted.

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Very nice indeed,........ I was at Culdrose when this aircraft returned home from the 2nd Gulf War too,....... with the carrier out in the bay and the Merlin`s and Sea King`s bringing in under slung loads and pax.

849 NAS carried out a missing man formation too with their Sea King`s,....RIP.




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