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Is the P38 coming in an oil drum Pete, the rate at which you use filler it would last at least 2 builds ūüėČ


Nice imaginative work Pete.


Looking at it now reminds me of short unsubstantiated story in a book about Darwins theory of evolution weeding out the idiots of life. Some fool in America decided to fit a couple of JATO pods to the roof of his Chevy and light them up. The car apparently shot off like a scalded cat, became airborne and some yards later touched down briefly where upon the hapless driver come astronaut decided to apply the brakes, as observed by tyre marks on the road. It then became airborne again, for the last time before slamming into the side of a hill.  


Made me giggle. It is a very funny book.

Just thought I would throw that in there.ūüėÄ

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5 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:

The rocket pod bit is ex Airfix 1/24th Harrier.

That takes me back.


Gazing in the window of the Hook Cycles and Radio shop beside the A3 two Christmases running at the end of the 70s and hoping.


Never happened of course.


Glad to see some of the archeology of that time living on here.


Guess that's why I likes yer builds so much Pete. Crack on!



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On 21/09/2020 at 11:29, Pete in Lincs said:




Helmut (1/20th figure) dropped in to show the size. The car chassis and arches will need sorting.






Update. A tin of P-38 car filler will be winging it's way to me very soon thanks to the bay.

Hah! I get it: P-38 filler!

The fumes....the lovely colours...


Ah, er flash backs again.


Oh! Wheel arches.

Just chop the front fenders off at the door line then you don't have to fill 'em.



Quick question.

The rocket pod that you said came off a Harrier, is it still a rocket launcher?

Do we need to worry about damaging the optics or flash blinding the driv pilot? 

Worst of all, how about damaging the snazzy paint job that Helmut is planning to spend so much time on on your ratrod, umm, I mean  'Rattefalke' there?


Looks good thus far, not something I'd like to see swooping (or falling with style anyway) at me out of a clear sky certainly.

(maybe if it was just a bit cloudy...)


Please don't mind me, carry on!

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The P-38 filler. Yes, it is a UK brand name, quite apt for this build though. There will be fumes, it's years decades since I've used any!

19 hours ago, Tzulscha said:

Just chop the front fenders off at the door line then you don't have to fill 'em.

It's an idea that I'll follow up. More physical changes (to the model) are planned too.

Yes, it's still a rocket launcher, Some of the kreiger weaponry doesn't seem that user friendly to me anyway.

As for the paint job, If this is a prototype it won't have any rust on it but that doesn't mean no wear and tear.

I'm not sure if the kreiger skies are ever clear, But I'm certain that you'd hear most of the flying things first. What noise would an anti grav unit make, I wonder?

19 hours ago, Tzulscha said:

Please don't mind me, carry on!

Hmmm, situation normal then?

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Oh yes, don't worry about me then.

I swink and swive and none pay mind.

Story of my life.

I wander lonely as a clod...

Wait that doesn't sound right...



Hey, I've meant to ask, does the "Do you like our owl" line come from Bladerunner?


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On 9/27/2020 at 2:51 PM, Tzulscha said:

Hey, I've meant to ask, does the "Do you like our owl" line come from Bladerunner?

Where else? One of my top ten films, for the visuals and the Vangelis music.


It's Monday, and therefore it's update day. More changes have been made. Are you sitting comfortably.....?


I cut sections from the P-38 outer wings to space out the booms from the body.

I thought they were too close before, which meant that the supercharger voids were hidden.

This way I can still fill the voids with greeblies, and the sections of wing could generate some lift at speed. This picture is taken from the back of the Falke.

Also the black and white striped bits are cut off bits of tail boom that now become extra intake sections on top of the booms.


I've used card to fill in the wheel wells and to fair in the underside. The filler will smooth things out when I get around to it.


And a side view. The front is to the left. I also used card to fill in the missing front side windows.

The bit of dowel sticking out of the door shows how the booms/winglets are located. The small hole forward of that is where a metal rod goes through too.


And, this should curb insubordination in the ranks. Courtesy of a very nice man named Gary, aka @gcn here we have WNW lozenge decals.

I'm thinking the dark one on upper surfaces and the light decal will look good lower down. So, very many thanks to Gary for his kind donation.

As always, many thanks for looking in, and your thoughts and comments are always welcome. (Still waiting for the Bourbons to arrive though).

Cheers, Pete





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The Bourbon hasn't arrived?!

I sent a 35 year old bottle of Suntori Yamazaki two weeks ago, should have been there by now.

It cost me $125,000.00. Maybe I should have popped for the insurance eh?



Bladerunner AND Vangelis fan eh?

I knew there was something I liked about you.


Oh, and the Falke looks nice.

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15 minutes ago, Tzulscha said:

I sent a 35 year old bottle of Suntori Yamazaki two weeks ago,

Ah, that would be why I found the Postman talking to a tree last week. Oh well, thanks anyway.

Though I was, of course, referring to an earlier plea for Bourbon biscuits (Cookies, apparently).



The Bourbon biscuit is a sandwich style biscuit consisting of two thin rectangular dark chocolate-flavoured biscuits with a chocolate buttercream filling. 

Produced since 1910 they are probably an acquired taste, but well worth the effort IMHO. :smile:

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Just to prove I haven't fallen asleep at the wheel, some progress pictures.


I paneled up/out the engine bay so it was all smooth in there and gave it a quick coat of Tamiya titanium silver.

The bonnet/hood has had the centre cut out to fit around the engine. Above that, the black bit is yet another bit of SR-71.

I think this is the third model on which I've used bits of the Blackbird. The 'engine' is just in place for the pictures.



The SR-71 bit will be faired in with filler. Primarily it's there to hide the forward end of the engine.

As with the original Falke, the engine isn't far behind the pilot, which really would compromise the air intakes somewhat.

So I've copied Yokoyama Sans' idea and this will act as a 'blind' which fools the onlooker into not thinking about the design fault.



This is what is going down inside the engine. It's a 1/24th F1 wheel on a bits box part and has been painted silver.

More paint will follow. Not that anyone will ever look down there anyway.

Tomorrow I hope to get filler onto the bodyshell, and if I mix it right, I should be able to get it rubbed down too.

Thanks for looking. Pete


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It's Filler time! Oh, no, that was almost a beer advert. Anyway, two coats of P-38 car filler got slapped on and rubbed down.

So I thought I'd do another post so you can see how it's gone.


I've put the booms in place to show how it will probably look. As can be seen, the black SR-71 bit has faired in nicely.



And at the front. All the windows are now faired in. What was the trunk/boot lid will be a removable panel for weapons access.



And on the booms, I've added cut off droptank bits to fair in what were the radiator intakes.

So, all in all it's been a fair day. (Ahem). The P-38 filler dried off in minutes and was easy to sand down.

I think it's not quite so tough as Milliput but it's done a decent job and I've used some PPP to fill any bits I missed.

I hope to post more tomorrow. Have a good week, Pete 

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Gary, Use the P-38 in a very well ventilated room or even outside. Same goes for sanding.

It is, I think, cellulose based? Lots of fumes!


London Pride Mmmm :beer:

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ūüėÄ yum yum...


I have an extraction unit Pete as I use a spare room in the house and wifey would not be happy watching Corrie surrounded by a cloud of thinners fumes... to be fair it may make the plots more believable ūü§™


Looking at your Falke it has a lot of nooks and crannies and round bits, are you storing up problems when it comes to using your lozenge decals? I see some naughty words on the horizon..:shrug:

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5 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:

It's Filler time! Oh, no, that was almost a beer advert. 

Tastes great! Less filling!

The Champagne of body putty!


I can see doing the lozenge one panel at a time.

That might help fitment problems.

Good luck, I am looking forward to learning some new words!



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Today I got the bodyshell rubbed down again,  A couple of places may still be a little rough but the first coat of primer will show them up.

I put more filler onto those bits of droptanks on the intakes, that will need more rubbing down when dry.

And, for your delectation, I mocked up the techy bits on the underside rear.


A vertical shot with a 6 inch ruler to show the size. It's all a bit motorbike under here.



And a close up. The red bits are ex Revell Ferrari. The one in the centre was the induction system. The pipes fit into holes on the main engine.

That took a bit of precision drilling! I dressed up the body of the induction part with tank bits.

Obviously Motorbike engine bits here and a tank wheel that could be a cooling duct. The table tennis ball is the third anti grav unit.

This lot is in the style of, but not a direct copy, of the original Falke underside. It may change slightly before the finish!

That's your lot until next weekend. Thanks for dropping by, your comments are always welcome. Pete


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2 hours ago, Jeddahbill said:

can't wait to see what this chimera looks like with some primer . . . .

Me too! At least if you build a normal model kit there's a picture on the box. I'm just winging it until the masking tape comes off!

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Time for a Monday update. 


The booms have been fixed into place and the joins filled and sanded. Various lumps and bumps have been fitted .

Lower right, the shiny bulge is matched on the other boom. It was a false nail, donated by her indoors. 

Just behind it, the cone shaped intake is original P-38. Aft of that, on the side of the boom, another false nail. This time it's an airbrake/spoiler.

The original Falke had large flappy things on the sides (ex Dauntless flaps) which never really look good to me.

On the side of the car/fuselage we have half the backend of a Buccaneer to get more air into the engine.



The original Falke has half a droptank glued here. I've just used a random intake from the sparesbox.



Slightly out of focus airbrake. I added some bits of card to beef it up. What we used to call 'fishplates' on Aircraft.

Makes more sense to me than a flappy thing.

The thin strip of plastic card bolsters up the joint in the boom, which split. Hopefully it looks like the structure has been beefed up.



At the rear of the booms I've added flare launchers inside what were intakes on the P-38.  They are drilled out ex Nimrod bits.

I've also cut down the spinners for the front in a similar fashion to what I did on my Gulf Falke build. Using a 1/25th wheel trim. Pictures later.

I'm back to work tomorrow so that's yer lot until next weekend. 

Your views and comments are always welcome. Thanks, Pete


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Thanks, Guys. I'm enjoying seeing how it's developing. Definitely a work in progress, and all the better for it.

Today I had an idea about sensors on the front, so I'll look into that at the weekend.

There may also be some conduit underneath. Though that may affect the decals. We'll see.

Cheers, Pete

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11 minutes ago, rockpopandchips said:

can not believe your not going with a Yakult bottle though...

Too healthy by far! I'll just use the bottle cap and dress it up a bit.

This is supposed to be a prototype so they used a different engine.

Cheers, Pete

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