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It's been a while since I built my last Falke, and that one ended up in Gulf (ish) racing colours, so here we go again with another.

For those that don't know, here is a link to a boxtop picture of the Hasegawa falke. I do have one in the stash, but I prefer scratchbuilding.



I usually change the basic design of the original and this case will be no exception. BTW, These can be built using a 1/48th P-38 and a 1/32nd car.


I bought a built 1/32nd Revell P-38 off the bay some time ago. I think it had been stuck together with candle wax as it was partially disassembled when it arrived.

Which is actually a good thing, given what I was going to do to it. I think it only cost me about a tenner. Modelling on a budget. love it.



This is the 1/25th shell of a Chevy Beretta. An American car from around 1990. I think I built it about 20 years ago. It will form the main body of the Falke.

The original used a small Japanese Sports car model which is long out of production. (I think). Whatever, I wanted a wider cabin than usual.



Mostly, all you need of the P-38 is the booms and bits of the wings. Cut off the back of the boom, then cut the wings to keep the Turbo Supercharger housings.

These housings will be filled with greeblies, while the booms will be turned on their sides. Having cut off the wings we are left with gaps in the sides.

I've used off cuts of wood and balsa to partially fill the gaps. I then mixed up some Milliput and made worms to close them off better.



Glue on the wing offcut and squish down the Milliput. 



More Milliput (and spit) was used to fill and further smooth out the gap. Remember, this will be the top or bottom surface.

Once dry I can file/sand it all down and use Humbrol filler to finish off. I'm not bothered about losing surface detail at this stage.

Those red intakes you can see will be faired in with a slope of card and filler. The wheel well doors will be refitted and any gaps filled.

I probably won't get back to this before the weekend so the filler will have plenty of time to dry.

Thanks for looking. Comments and Bourbon biscuits are always welcome. As are suggestions for a final paint scheme.


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Looking forward to this one. I’ve always really liked the Falke. I believe the car used on Kow’s original was a Toyota S800. Not sure if that kit is still in production.*
I saw a cool variant some time ago using Shawnee Flying Bananas for the booms. I’d like to give that a try one day. It looked pretty crazy.

Nice start, Pete. Will be following along.

*it is. Fujimi makes one.

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24 minutes ago, Photon said:

Shawnee Flying Bananas for the booms.

I saw that one. I did something similar years ago using Comanche fuselage parts.

Toyota S800, that's the one. The Beretta had lost three wheels anyway, so was a logical choice. Plus,it's wider.

So, can I fit bomb bays underneath? We shall see. I never quite know exactly where these builds are going. And that's the beauty of it.

I shall welcome your company on this journey into the unknown. Bring your own Cookies though!

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Cheers, Guys. You're very welcome.

I finished work earlier than I expected today. My shortest day in goodness knows how long. Some people obviously aren't drinking enough! Tsk!

But it did mean that I could get the filler on the booms rubbed down and I used wet & dry and Scotchbrite on the car body to remove most of the paint.

So they are currently sitting in the sun drying. Next up will be gear bay doors, engine cowlings and some Humbrol filler.

I like to get the booms as close to finished as I can before the next stage, Joining them to the 'fuselage' (car).


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Just throwing this one out there to see what people think....

There seems to be a fair bit of interest out there in late war Luftwaffe aircraft and their paint schemes.

Some bits are painted, some just primed and what shade are the rest of the bits? There's a lovely large Fw190 prototype build on here too.

This build will have different weapons and fuselage to other Falkes, so I'm veering towards a Prototype using a cobbled together look.

I may even use Versuchs (Experimental) markings. V-12 for instance. Though I did consider the RAF style yellow P in a yellow circle too.

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1 minute ago, rockpopandchips said:

I would love to see one of these in WWI German lozenge, my favourite camo. 

Ditto or I was going to suggest one of the Edwards Air force ubiquitous white/international orange schemes ?  But German lozenge wins the day and gets my vote. 

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Yeah, cheers for that. Lozenge eh? with all the curves and greeblies it would be a nightmare. 

I'll keep it in mind though. I said this might be a cobbled together prototype, so maybe a few panels with the lozenge?

It's all food for thought. Thanks for the input, Guys.

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Update and pictures time.

After a morning spent mostly gardening, I escaped to the mancave after lunch (Cheese & onion toasties and an orange, BTW).


More Millliput got mixed and applied to the booms. Mostly over the gear bay doors as the fit was awful.



It will help if you remember that the back of the car will be the front of the Falke.

To build my last creation, the floatplane, I cut off the front of a Cessna. It might just make it into this build.

On the roof we have what will be the pilots access hatch. A bit of SR-71 and a bit of a Boeing Vertol rear ramp.



Now with added Milliput! I like those recessed bits on the SR-71 section.



At the rear we need to fit an engine. I cut the bonnet/hood to give me space.



Engine basics. From L to R, Aftershave bottle top. SR-71 engine piece. 1/24th Formula one car wheel with a 1/35th shell in the middle.

The yellow wheel will go down into the SR-71 piece to add detail as it's a bit hollow in there.

I'll have to go with this unless @TheBaron delivers a 1/20th Avon in time. :pilot:



Engine bits roughly in place to show what I'm thinking of doing.



No, not a Moonbase. These are halved table tennis balls. They will become Anti Gravity Units in due course.



I got these for a good price from the bay some time ago. 1/32nd scale turbo superchargers meant for a B-17.

The original Falke used the Revell P-38 item (as seen at top) but these will add more detail, I think the difference is obvious.

Oh, sorry, they are joined to the forward Anti Grav units underneath as cooling exhausts.

The Haynes Falke manual will be out in time for Christmas. Then you'll know what I'm on about.

Tomorrow is spoken for, Sunday car boot in the morning and Family visitors in the afternoon.

I'm still on Furlough for Monday so I should get a chance to do more modelling then.

Thanks for dropping by, and now please use the hand cleaner provided. (Damn, it's run out again :sad:).



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39 minutes ago, Pete in Lincs said:


Engine bits roughly in place to show what I'm thinking of doing.

He said, taunting police during the investigation...

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I thought you had lost the plot there Pete, splashing out on NEW Brassin, but you redeemed yourself by mentioning the 'E' word.


Prototype hey, like it. And the best of it is that it will be your prototype and no one else's.👍


Lozenge paint scheme Pete, you walked into that one but will look superb.

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I've put out a wanted ad' for some scraps of 1/32nd lozenge decal. I don't really want to buy sheets of the stuff and waste most of it.


I managed to get most of the Milliput over the gear bays sanded down yesterday morning, and this afternoon I was back at the bench.


Not quite in focus, but, What was the turbo supercharger recess has to be filled with greeblies. Here's one. This was, believe it or not,

A tyre and it's wheel mounting points from a Matchbox Diamond T tank transporter. I've chamfered the rear of the recess with PPP.



With the booms on their sides the lower intakes, seen here, need to be filled. Hence the plastic card ramp. Soon to be rounded out with milliput.



Next up, the anti gravity units for the booms. They overhang so need to be faired in. First add a strip of plastic card.



When the ends are angled, it sits nicely in place. Glue it on and apply Milliput worms and smooth down with spit and fingers. 



That piece of card stops the Milliput from going up and inside the ball. The other side overhang isn't quite so bad. 

I used superglue when sticking the balls down. More filler will be needed to finish things off when this is all set.

On the background boom the filler on the red intake can be just seen.

Thanks for looking in. See you again at the weekend! Pete.



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4 hours ago, Tzulscha said:

here it is Saturday...

I know, I had to work this morning too! Some WNW lozenge decal will be with me this week, courtesy of a very nice man on this forum.

Despite working this morning, I still had the strength to rub down all that Milliput this afternoon. More may get done tomorrow.

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2 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:

Some WNW lozenge decal will be with me this week


2 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:

Deepite working this morning, I still had the strength to rub down all that Milliput this afternoon.

'My cousin's library ticket is missing but her sandals are in the larder.'

(That's all three sleeper agents activated now).

Return to Moscow via Stockholm.

[Message ends]

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6 hours ago, TheBaron said:

(That's all three sleeper agents activated now).

Not to worry you, but there were five.....

Mind you, it's only six in the morning so they may be having a lie in,

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And here I are on a Monday afternoon with an update for you. I've not advanced that far but progress has been made.


Mocked up with a big rubber band, this will show the basic layout. I've put the engine part in place just for the pictures.



Helmut (1/20th figure) dropped in to show the size. The car chassis and arches will need sorting.



A bit more work, and later on, we have some armament. The guns are staggered to get the breeches to fit in there.

(Not that I've fitted breeches, I've just used the bits you can see). The rocket pod bit is ex Airfix 1/24th Harrier.



A victims eye view.

Now that I have my basic layout sorted the booms need to be fixed to the car shell. Then I can fair them in, So it'll be Milliput time again!

Though I am wondering if it's worth getting some car filler. While I wait for whichever to dry, I could build the engine. Next weekend.

Thanks for looking in, and, as always, your comments are always welcome. Pete


Update. A tin of P-38 car filler will be winging it's way to me very soon thanks to the bay.

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