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Time of sorrow – First Allied Airborne Army - Northern Europe - Fall 1944

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A brief summer project linked to my reviewing of the Band of Brothers TV show during the lockdown.
I had wanted for a long time to make a jeep and an US paratrooper, but I missed the opportunity and the idea of staging.
The Kit is the excellent Dragon one and the figs are Alpine miniatures and Stalingrad productions. Impedimenta come from the spare box.
The staging emphasizes the physical and psychological distance of the protagonists. Everyone is cloistered in their grief and thoughts, just war...










Hope you’ll  like it


See you !


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Well ....


#1 : a good idea , a story to share with us . ( again ! )

#2 : top notch craftmanship .

#3 : some hard work .

#4 : a true capability to ask for feedback and accept it .

#5 : a tiny part of real talent .


Final result : a state of the art !!! ( again ! )

Congrats to you  (again ! ) :clap:




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Outstanding, again!

So much detail and so well executed, it has real atmosphere to it.

Superb modelling.


Thanks for posting


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