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HMS Invincible (Falklands War) (05172) 1:700 Revell

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HMS Invincible (Falklands War) (05172)

1:700 Revell




HMS Invincible (R05) was the lead ship of her class. Laid down by Vickers at Barrow in 1973 and launched in 1977.; she was commissioned in 1980.  In a tradition within the Royal Navy R05 was the sixth ship to bear the name with a history stretching back to the fist ship a 74 Gun Ship of the line. She was in fact though Royal Navy prize captured from the French and originally named Invincible, no guesses where the HMS came from then!  R05 was to be 16,000 tonnes displacement, 677 feet long with a beam of 90 feet at the waterline and a draught of 24 feet fully laden. 4 Rolls Royce Olympus engines would give a top speed of 28 knots, with a normal cruising speed of 18 knots. She was designed to carry 10 Sea King Helicopters and 8 Sea Harriers. Despite only serving for 2 years it was announced in early 1982 that the Australian Government had agreed to buy the vessel to replace HMAS Melbourne.  However international events would intervene with the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands taking place in April 1982. HMS Invincible would sail with HMS Hermes as the capital ships of the task force to retake the islands. Despite various claims of damage and indeed of sinking the carrier returned undamaged from the Falklands. After her return the ships close in weapons systems were supplemented with additional Phalanx & Oerlikon systems. A refit between 1986-89 would increase the vessels overall length allowing more hanger space to operate additional aircraft. Additional magazine space was also provided for the carriage of Sea Eagle missiles for the Harrier, and additional torpedoes for the Helicopters. The 20mm Phalanx systems were replaced by 30mm Goalkeeper systems. In 2000 additional modifications would also take place to allow the operation of RAF Harriers from the deck. One of the main noticeable differences was the removal of the Sea Dart System and its radar; along with an enlarged flight deck. I 2005 the vessel was placed made inactive in the sense it could be reactivated with 18 months notice to return to the fleet. However 5 years later the vessel was put up or disposal and struck off the register. With most of her systems gutted she was eventually sold for scrap and broken up in Turkey in 2011.  Battle Honors or HMS Invincible were; St Vincent, 1780, St Kitts, 1782, Glorious First of June, 1794,, Alexandria, 1882, Heligoland, 1914, Falkland Islands, 1914, Jutland, 1916 & Falkland Islands, 1982. In addition she served in operation Southern Watch over Iraq and in the Balkans.



The Kit

This was a new tool for Revell back in 1998.  The model represent the Carrier in Falklands War and before any refits, it it is full hull with a stand. There are five spures for the model along with one for the stand. You get 4 harriers, two Sea Kings and a Lynx for the deck. The Harriers are a touch generic long with the Lynx, the Sea King is more representative of the real thing.




Construction starts with the Island, there are three main parts for the two sides and top, to finish off the main structure the front and rear ends are added. Next up the two hull parts are joined and the fore deck is added on. The open deck areas at the sides then go on. Now its time for the flight deck. This is one main part to which the front ski jump is added. The island goes onto the deck, and then the deck onto the hull. At the rear of the hull the twin shafts, propellers and rudders go on.  The model is then added to the stand (if you are going to use it). A whole host of small sub assemblies are then built up and added on, these include; the bridge, fore & aft funnels, fore & aft masts, main search radar, and for the deck the Sea Dart Missile launcher. To finish foo all of the smaller fixtures are added, these include; ships boats, smaller radars, close in weapons systems, life rafts, stores cranes, and davits. The aircraft can be added to the deck if wanted. 








There is a small decal sheet from Zanetti. This supplies the ships name plates, pennant numbers and the large N for the rear of the flight deck. Some smaller markings for the flight deck are provided but the lines will all have to be painted on.





This should make up to a good looking model of an important post war Royal Navy carrier if you put the time in.




Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit

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