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F-16 Jet Nozzle for F100-PW Engine (MDR4860 for Tamiya)

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F-16 Jet Nozzle for F100-PW Engine (MDR4860 for Tamiya)

1:48 Metallic Details




Tamiya’s F-16 in 1:48 is a nice kit, but styrene exhausts can’t rival resin replacements, and when those resin parts have been patterned using SLA 3D printing, there’s no contest.  This set arrives in a shallow cardboard box with five dark grey resin parts, a small fret of Photo-Etch (PE) brass, and a slip of glossy paper with simple instructions printed on them. 




The detail is phenomenal as usual with Metallic Details sets, and once the casting blocks have been removed, it is a simple task to fit the parts together although painting them realistically will take a little more skill and effort.  The inner trunking is capped off with a circular rear face of the engine with a PE afterburner ring glued centrally over the centre boss, then the truck is slipped inside the outer fairing, resting on a small lip within.  The superbly thin and detailed set of inner petals are slotted into the front of the fairing against the lip, and the outer petals then slide over the inners, completing the assembly.  The key aspect will be the painting, so take care to research the correct shades for each section, as it will make a huge difference and really do the set justice if they are well painted.





Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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