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Latest Airfix Model World just dropped through the letterbox.  A nice advert on the back for the Airfix 1/24 Spitfire, showing it in the "Vintage Classics" range, which at least acknowledges its ancient / venerable / past-it / execrable (delete as applicable) nature.


However the main ad shows the  (Roy Cross?) lovely period box art of KL@B and profiles of KL@B and LO@B.  But then the words in the ad say the markings provided are for DW@K and QJ@B!!!


The kit isn't on the company website for immediate purchase or pre-order anyway!


Is anyone awake at Airfix?


Do they actually care?

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Agreed but still depends on how you search; depending on where in Airfix  shop website you use the search, Spitfire may only bring up 1/72 and 1/48 ones, or even only the quick build version! 
That link you sent still doesn’t match the box art with the advertising words which was the point of my topic !!!

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I have the magazine in front of me. The box art matches the advert, the box code matches the advert. A mistake has been made with the advert, it happens. It could be two different people have done the advert - Graphic artist designing the profiles based on the original artwork, and a copy designer designing the advert based on what they have been told the new markings are! They may not have been combined until sent to the magazine for actual final copy setting. 


I managed to find it simply by going to the drop down menus, selecting shop, Aircraft, Military Aircraft, and then organising by scale 1/24 and there it was.


Further searches - selecting pre-order without scale, it appears, searching by keyword "spitfire" from the main page, it appears! Multiple search methods it appears. If you have a problem with the advert, get in touch with Airfix direct, it's no good having a moan on here about it!

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