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The model represents an airplane operated by one of my favorite Condor Legion fighters, Gothard Handrick in 1938. The model is well known to most, without any serious problems. Here's the picture.
















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Nice, neat job on the Heller Bf-109B.

I enjoy seeing older kits turned into nice models like this one.

Interesting subject too.


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Beautiful work on your 109. :thumbsup: ... Ive built one of these recently in Swiss Air force markings. I will be doing another one in the upcoming Heller group build in SCW Markings.

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Good job with the old Heller kit, still stands up well doesn't it?  Well done.


I'm hoping to see at least one of these in the forthcoming Heller Classic GB.

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I never knew that Heller did a 109B kit. I have the K that they did and it looks nice on the sprue, but I have had it for at least 20 years.

 I always say that I am not a collector but kits like that in my stash will disagree with me.  (So will my wife and siblings) 😉 .

 Very nice. Thanks for sharing that .

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