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Mittelmeerraum Experten (was: (((4*6)-2)*4)*4 - huh?)

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Ok here´s an older pic of the core of my MTO the Third project. Never mind the "A-1" and "Battle of Britain" on the boxtops, these will become other variants and from the Mediterranean :coolio:.




I have these three A-1 and one A-4 kit. To convert the A-1:s to latter variants, Revell Gmbh was happy to sell me (very cheap, by the way) three sets of sprues C and D (if I recall correctly) from the A-4 kit that contain parts for the longer wing tips etc. In my spares box I have all the Zerstörer/Nachtjäger parts left over from converting a Revell C-6 kit to an A-4 a few years ago (a desperate measure but that was another time when the A-4 kits were unobtainable). That was another time the Revell service dept helped me flawlessly, thanks yet again! The He 111 build in progress will supply me a spare MG-FF.


In the aftermarket section I´m still waiting for the correct mask set for the A-1. The early lower gondola and canopy rear section need the specific set, but I have two A-4 and one C-6 sets to begin with. For the decals I have the AIMS Ju 88 "Experts" and "Bomber" sets, and a separate section from one of reverend John´s earlier sheets for one aircraft, and I´ll still need to do some decalbashing for some :hmmm:maybe!


I aim to continue the "Specialists GB" theme from last year, which means one aircraft will be recce (D-2), one night fighter (C-4), one tank buster (in this case only a ground pounding A-5/6 bomber) and one a ship killer (A-4 w/MG-FF). They might all also sport a different camouflage. I did just recently finish a Zvezda A-5 in RLM 78/79 scheme and I´m not too interested in doing another so quickly - maybe I should go for a partly blacked splinter or desert scheme then? There are some of these delicious options in John Weal´s book, so... The Heinrich Paepcke plane would be nice, but would have to be mostly WHIF.



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Good afternoion VP

Welcome aboard and have fun with your build

Best regards


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Finally found the time and mojo to take the missing pics for the start of this MTO the third GB. It´s a special for me, as the first one came to as a joined project of me and Jon @thepureness.



Even more junk(ers) than in the previous pic, Adam! Lovely kits.


Additional plastics. Three sets of sprues for the extended wingtips and ailerons and the main parts of a night fighter variant. Also included in the pic (which btw is too blurry), but not necessarily used in any of the models, are Zvezda early unbulged twin mg canopy and a Revell later bulged twin mg rear canopy.


Masks and decals. I´m still waiting for Eduard or whoever to release a dedicated set for the A-1 kit. I have a pair of A-4 and one C-6 set that I need anyway but a few A-1 sets are needed, and already pre-ordered 🙂. The decal options will be a combination of these two AIMS sets and various bits from my spares. The recce and night fighter planes will be AIMS "out of the sheet". The jury is still out on the ship killer and tank buster a.k.a dry land bombing plane's prototypes, but I´ll try to think that over while finishing a He 111 - from the MTO of course. V-P


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That's a load of ju-88 kits your building. 

Was one of those left over from our first MTO GB from a few years back? 

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