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Colourcoats in the USA

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Hi folks,


I get a lot of enquiries from friends across the Atlantic asking for updates on USA stockists, and it's true that we had no orders from the USA since early 2018.


I am pleased to advise that our new stockist has today received their first shipment which contains virtually all the naval paints and some of the most popular aircraft paints. More aircraft paints and armour paints should follow shortly.


The business owner needs a couple of days to get sorted out and then we will finally reveal their identity.


I know there are definitely some, but if anyone wishes to make themselves known to the new dealer (the owner is not the sort to fill your inboxes with unwanted spam) then I invite PMs to that effect.


I expect a bit of a pile on for our Royal Navy paints in particular with this first shipment since this will be the first lot of our NARNxx paints to land in the USA, although I won't be too surprised if it's picked clean within a week or so...

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It seems he's had a good wind behind him and his website updates are now live.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we've had a business relationship with this wonderful man and his son for many years, and our businesses were both derived from the very same event. Hence, this is a bit of a coming together again.


Our new USA dealer is ... drumroll ... White Ensign Models based in California




Those who already have dealt with Richard will know what to expect. Those who haven't yet should find them pleasant and efficient to deal with.



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Hey Jamie - Any USA orders on the horizon? I still need to fill some holes in my collection of AC paints (especially the Russian WW2 ACS series). Also I still haven't been able to get my hands on your proprietary thinner yet which will come in handy when I start airbrushing (thank you Santa). Just wondering if there are any orders in the pipeline from White Ensign/H&B/Warship or if there are any new USA vendors showing interest, thanks.

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