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Sanding Sticks – Various Types

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Sanding Sticks – Various Types

Ammo of Mig Jiménez




Sanding sticks are a standard part of your average modeller’s toolbox, and have been for some time, as they’re convenient, small and easier to store than sheets of sandpaper and blocks.  Everyone and their dog has a brand now, as a lot of manufacturers offer a branding service to print your logo on a standard stick.  These new sticks from AMMO are a little bit different in that they have Step numbers printed on their faces, and have varied cores, depending on their use.  Each one arrives in a resealable clear foil bag with the type printed on a sticker on the back.  Inside is a single stick of one type.



Standard Stick (A.MIG-8563)

This stick has four grits of 180/320/600/2000 with the coarse marked as step 1 with a moderate grit that will be useful for smoothing away steps in seams etc., while not being too aggressive.  Working through steps 2 to 4 will result in a shiny smooth surface if you vary the angles at which you sand.  The stick has a stiff spine with just enough flex to be useful without it bending too much.







Multipurpose Stick (A.MIG-8564)

This stick has six grits of 150/240/320/600/1200/2000 on all sides of a boxy flexible core, starting with a very coarse step 1 and less coarse step 2 on the main faces, then steps 3 to 6 on the “sides” with the abrasive wrapping round the curved ends to maximise usage of space.  The core is flexible insofar as it allows the sanding surfaces to flex, but not so flexible that it deforms too easily.







Large Surface Stick (A.MIG-8565)

As the name suggests, this is suitable for large open areas that need smoothing, with three grits of 320/600/4000, with step 1 and 2 sharing one side, and the smooth 4000 grit covering the complete opposite side, both sides having a deep foam core sandwiched around a flexible plastic spine.  The smooth grit will be great for final polishing of models and other such large areas.








Having so many grits on a small number of sticks makes for a compact sanding toolkit, and these are the type of items you grab as spares while you’re shopping for other things either in-person or shopping online.


Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of





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Quick google suggests premium hobbies, scale model shop and emodels.


Personally, I see this as a saturated market, there are now far too many options - I’m sure they are all equally as good, just too many to choose from.







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hi ALL ,


                      I make my own Sanding Sticks ,

                     By cutting a small strip of polythene or Styrene  7mm x 60mm with one end Chiselled , put the gooyist

                      Double Sided Tape on both sides and apply a strip of Wet 'n' dry ....... usually 400 grit.

                     I also peel off the worn out Abrasive on the Padded Sanding Sticks apply the Double Sided tape and

                     put on a  Wet'n'Dry grit of my choice  and trim . 


                                                                                                        cheery "stay safe 'n' model " mumbas !



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Any fine polishing types I can get cheap, as my youngest daughter is a beautician at a local boutique ( part of a national drugstore chain ). She can use her employee discount, plus she gets refundable points to use later. I also get a seniors discount.




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