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Iraqi Sea Fury/Fury


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Just found this thread.




Halfway down is a description of a bombing and strafing run made against the IAF. Obviously I can’t verify, but maybe it’s enough for modelling purposes?



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1 minute ago, janneman36 said:

the last one of your pictures is a Moroccan Air Force one...


Yeah, I just noticed that and had changed it!

Apparently, some of the Moroccan aircraft were ex-Iraqi airframes - there are some Moroccan pages that have the aircraft listed as being given by the Iraqis, but sadly, none of them show any ordnance.

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@Blimpyboy the last color picture is a partial cutout from a picture with a Lebanese SM79 on it ! I have seen it before in a Lebanese SM79 build thread on BM...nice to see on this pic is that the mid stone is the early variant which is humbrol H225.

Here is a restored one in the correct colors https://www.airfighters.com/photo/141059/M/Private-Private/Hawker-Fury-FB-10/VH-ISS


To stay on topic I have never seen a picture with these aircraft with bomb racks fitted ..

But as said earlyer in this thread these aircraft supposed to be used in bombing and strafing  runs so fitting these bombracks should not be incorrect....


By the way the camouflage pattern is a partial A and B camouflage scheme and certainly not just A scheme or B scheme ..

The OO-ISS Fury is therefore in its correct paint scheme


cheers, Jan

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