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Royal Navy vessels and boats

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Does anyone know if there's a place on the web that has images and/or drawings of Royal Navy motor launches, smaller vessels types and so on?

Especially from the era before WW1 until 1960's...  I've tried to find such a place, never really had any luck….



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There are a few nice pre-WWI volumes on boats and launches , but unfortunately I am not aware of any such book or site for the first half of the 20th century. John Lambert was your typical resource for these drawings and these drawings are now all managed by Seaforth Publishing. I wrote to them asking if there are going to be published but this is currently not planned (Hope they change their mind, the first three volumes with his work are simply wonderful). Not only did he have a number of these small vessels drawn out, Mr Lambert also had a large archive with many more drawings that he would occasionally share. A number of booklets by Vosper was on sale on Ebay two months ago; I briefly considered picking them up and start my own visual archive on my bloglet for all my visitor (singular) but the $$$ was a deciding factor to let them go (arg 😰).


But there is some info here on this dead website:




and there are a few real boats kept in captivity at:




But anyway, what are you looking for?

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Thank you for helping.

As I’m doing digital artworks, (mostly planes) from time to time, I do some maritime related stuff as well and see that smaller boafs and vessels would fit nicely into some of mh scenes.
Of course I’m able to paint just «a boat» , but it would be so much nicer to have a selection of correct crafts, motor launches, sea plane tenders and so on, to make.
I’ve always admired the design of older marine vessels in general and Royal Navy and RAF in particular. So, really simple scetches, b/w photos or whatever would be nice, as long as they’re right for the scene and time period depicted.

Right now I’m looking for a few boats to illustrate a scene with a Short Sunderland from the WW2 era.

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The website Rafboats.co.uk has plenty of good b+w photos of RAF seaplane tenders and other RAF craft. I also don’t know of a website with drawings for RN small boats, but the best current reference publication I have found for WW1 to 1945 RN service boats is The Life and Ship Models of Norman Ough, by Alastair Roach. Includes Ough’s detailed drawings of a variety of ship’s boats from the 50 foot steam picket boat down to the classic 27 foot whaler. Published by Seaforth.





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Here's a Sunderland with the RAF Air Sea Rescue launch / Seaplane tender 🙂






Also found this link:






T. E. Lawrence, Boats for the R.A.F. Of course, no where to be found but nice to learn it exists.

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Indeed it is. Last vacation I read Eugene Rogan’s The Fall of the Ottomans where his exploits were detailed (a great read incidentally). The book linked above might be a bit too much for just some boat plans though.

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I scanned & processed all my 'unofficial' material; copies from a source of which I desperately need to find the name... some admiralty volume containing more or less everything? If you know, please share this information. In order to keep the discussion concentrated, please comment here: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=314538



All these (some with lines and an info sheet) were all shared by the Late John Lambert. I have a range of his original artwork as well, but a) I have not scanned them yet and b) I will have to discuss with Seaforth  Publishing (who bought his plans) if previews of these images can be shared at all.

I added several other pages as well, including some links to IWM images (some boats may have been poorly identified, so please comment!). Uncredited images are my own and contain a blog link in the lower-right corner. I also have a limited set of drawings my Norman Ough, and I have no idea who owns the copyrights.






























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