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Y-8 Chinese Transport Aircraft (83902) 1:144 HobbyBoss via Creative Models Ltd


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Y-8 Chinese Transport Aircraft (83902)

1:144 HobbyBoss via Creative Models Ltd




The Shaanxi Y-8 is a Chinese built medium range transport based on the An-12. In the 1960s the Chinese purchased several AN-12 with an option to licence build more. However due to the souring of relations between the two communist powers the Chinese reverse engineered the aircraft. The nose and tail are from the H-6 bomber with the tail turret being deleted after a while. The aircraft also did away with the An-12 overhead conveyor for a floor mounted one. 


The Kit

Until now I don't think there has been a kit of this aircraft. In 1.144 it is still large but manageable for most modellers. The kit arrives on 5 sprues of grey plastic, a clear sprue, a small sheet of PE and 4 individual propellers (these are packed in their own box for added protection).




Construction starts by adding some internal parts and the windows to the main fuselage sections. Then the main internal floor is made up with the front gear well on the underside of this, Internal bulkheads are fitted as is the main cabin roof. At the front the basic cockpit is completed. Instruments are provided for the panel as decal. The cabin/cockpit is fitted  at the front and parts for the large cargo door at the back. Once all of this is in the main fuselage can be cloded up.




The wings can then be added. There is a single part upper with left/right lowers, once these are together wing tips need to be added. The tailplanes are also then added followed by the engine nacelles after they are built up. Next its the turn of the landing gear. The front and rear glazing can then added to the model. At the rear the large cargo doors are constructed and brought onto the build, the last things to add are the four bladed props.  







There is a small decal sheet as the aircraft carries minimal markings. Just National insignia, serials and warnings for the props.




Decals are printed in house and have good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin matt carrier film cut close to the printed areas. 



This is a really nice rendition of this large aircraft. Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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14 hours ago, Mick4350 said:

Amodel and Eastern Express did some An-12's in 1/144 scale.

Also, Roden produced several versions of the AN-12  in 1/72



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