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Fairey Delta 3 interceptor

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Another model has reached escape velocity from my project thread


The Fairey Delta 3 or Fairey Large was a proposal which came fairly close to being ordered as an interceptor for the RAF to the F.155 requirement but sadly wasn’t to be.


Drawn up in Fusion 360. 3D printed (FDM printed in PLA plastic on a Creality Ender 3 Pro) and finished as per a normal kit plane with conventional fillers, paints and decals. 


Not as nice a finish as you’d get from a resin printer but good enough to get a sense of the size and shape of it. I’ll refine this and do another better version in due course.












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1 hour ago, exdraken said:

That looks rather big!

How does it compare to a Lightning or say a TSR-2?


Great job!!

Thank you (& to other folks who’ve commented or clicked the like button) 


Afraid I don’t have a TSR2 (yet) but here it is with a Javelin and a Lightning for comparison. About the same wingspan as the Javelin but much bigger than either jet 




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