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RN boats fuel storage racks

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As some will know, I am in the final stages of a 1/48 Westland Wasp being fished as Wilbur, HMS HECLA's flght during op Corporate in 1982.



I'm currently building the flight deck/quarterdeck section to use a  diorama base but have come up against a slight snag.  On the starboard side of HECLA's quarterdeck, she appears to have a standard 1960s/70s small boats fuel tank stowage. 




Now, I know what these look like having seen enough real ones in my time but not in enough detail to be able to craft one from plasticard and I can't find any reference photos that have one in any level of usable detail.  I'm sure they must exist.  Does anyone on here have a suitable photo they could provide?



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You're welcome Ralph.

I borrowed the phot from a Shetland Facebook group I'm in. I knew being a member would be useful one day. 😆

If there are any details you need just give me a shout, I'll do my best to help. I'm not sure if you are going to add the release cable and handle but if memory serves me correctly it had to at least 2m from the stowage.


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Thanks Roger.  2 m does ring a bell though not sure if I'll go to that level of detail  I'm 70% through drawing up some plans to work from so hopefully this will suffice.  Best rgds.

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