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Perth Class DDG (Charles F Adams) colour question


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G'day people,


I currently have a Dragon 1/700 Charles F, Adams class kit underway as my entry for the Vietnam GB.

It will be built as HMAS Brisbane DDG-41, one of the three RAN Perth Class DDGs that served during the Vietnam War



I am trying to determine the colour of the ship's boats (pre-RHIBs) as the colours have changed over time and it can be confusing when looking at pics. I am leaning towards Storm Grey uppers over white hulls. The superstructure of the motor launch also in white as well as the canopy to the other boat (dunno what it was referred to ).


What colour would the 'deck' of these two boats be (dark grey anti-slip or storm grey?)


I will be building a full hull, so would the area under the boot topping (waterline) be anti-foul red or black? Brisbane had a red anti-foul paint as per pictures of the hull launch. I think at some point (post '70) the RAN went to all black hulls?


I am leaning towards red but happy to be corrected.


I don't really build a lot of boats so clueless wrt what ship fittings were fitted for a given time point, so it is confusing when looking at pictures as the colours and equipment changes frequently. The ships were commissioned in '64 and Brisbane's tours were in '69-70  so she would have still been relatively new


thanks in advance,



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Gidday Pappy, many years ago (June 1981 in fact) I did a very short stint on HMAS Perth as a reservist, sailing from Fremantle to Sydney. I've just found a photo I took on board. The ship's boat visible appears to have a white cabin and a light grey upper hull. The lower hull below the waterline is not visible I'm afraid. When I took the photo way back then I wasn't anticipating your question just now. 😀 The camera is at the same level as the boat's deck so that is not visible either but the ship's deck is, and appears quite a bit darker. Neither can I recall the colour of the underwater hull.

     A few years ago I finished a rather simple model of the ship in 1/600, a conversion of an Airfix 'Rommel' kit I started about forty years earlier. I painted the underwater hull black, as per the kit's instructions (for Rommel). Whether it is accurate or not I don't know, but I think it looks OK. I know it's not your preferred time period but HTH.      Regards, Jeff.

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