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L'ARSENAL 2.0 New submarines

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New from l'ARSENAL 2.0:
Project 1851 Soviet/ Russian nuclear submarine "Almaz" (NATO: X-RAY)

Available at both 1:350 and 1:700 scale
Resin and PE




Project 1851 «ALMAZ» (АЛМАЗ ), NATO: X-RAY is a «first rank deep dive nuclear station».
Studied during the early 1980s by Malakhit design bureau, three boats were built in Leningrad. They can operate high depth divers and ship a diving chamber.
About 40m long with a displacement of 550t (surface)/ 1,000t (submerged) they have a thick titanium pressure hull and a 10MW nuclear propulsion plant. The boat standard diving depth is believed to be 1,000m.
Three boats entered service between 1986 and 1995: AS-23, AS-21, AS-35.
They belong to the 29th submarine brigade of the North Fleet based in Olenya Guba, near Poliarny in the Kola inlet.
The Almaz can be operated as «parasite» sub under a specially modified large boat. To this purpose, former Delta III SLBM sub K-129 Orenburg (former Project 667BDR «Kalmar») was modified in 1994.




The Delta III is available from Polar Bear (1:350) and OKB Grigorov (1:700). Sub adapter has to be scratched:




1:350 available here:

1:700 available here:





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