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A34 Comet - Rubicon Models


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I'm taking a break from 50 year old kits I built as a kid, so when this showed up in Rubicon Models UK's webstore the stars aligned.


I'm not really an armour modeller but I have a small collection of Rubicon's 1/56th scale kits because they offer a nice relaxing build and I like the size of the finished article.They're also very high quality products.


The first time I'd even heard of the Comet was when Matchbox released their 1/76th scale kit in the 1970s.  It's still not that well served in the modelling world so this new kit is especially welcome. So, what do you get?


A very high quality end-opening box:




Rubicon provide comprehensive but generic decal sheets. The quality is usually good:




2 sprues in ABS, rather than polystyrene:






Very high quality instructions:




More shortly.



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21 hours ago, Courageous said:

Odd scale but a nice subject, so, crack on.



There's actually a large number of military vehicle kits out there in this scale, but only a few are in the scale modelling mainstream - Italeri manufacture for Bolt Action and box these kits themselves too.


Anyway, to work. The turret shows some of the innovative engineering often found in Rubicon kits:




Meanwhile the running gear gets some paint thrown at it. This is a first undercoating:




There's some very nice detail here. The colour used here is:




...part of a batch bought from Jamie's stand at the Perth show a couple of years ago.  Fantastic stuff.


I also bought the Rubicon Commonwealth Tank Crew set. I didn't realise at the time that the kit came with a commander figure, so now it can have a loader too.





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The inner road wheels are connected by a spacer, which I trimmed off and added the wheels individually:




The completed running rear looks quite good. The tracks are a bit simplified but by the time there's a bit of weathering on them they'll be fine:




By some process that mystifies me, I managed to lose part A26. I've replaced it with some EMA ABS sheet. I'll add the prise bar later:







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The front and rear skirts don't have big contact areas so the heavy weaponry was brought out:




Fit at the rear of the hull is OK but needs a bit of persuasion - more heavy weaponry deployed:




Most of the basic construction done and the basic markings for the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry applied:




Comet20 Comet21


Next steps are tidying up the paintwork and starting some basic weathering.


More soon.






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A bit of weathering, in this case well thinned Humbrol 94 Brown Yellow:




The Commander's vane sight is a cage-shaped contraption to the front of his cupola. The kit supplies it as a solid part, so a bit of careful painting will be called for:




I cut off both the overscale Besa muzzles. I'll replace them with turned brass 1/48th scale parts, which will still be a bit too big but should look finer:




Next job is to tidy up the finish of the tracks.









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