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HMS Hero (H99) 1942 - Looking for info

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I picked up the Mistercraft HMS Hero recently Scalemates as a spur of the moment purchase, whilst im researching and prepping another project. Im a life long aircraft modeller apart from a few Airfix ships in my youth (so hastily put together in an afternoon!).


Now, as usual with any kit i start trawlling the internet for references, images etc. I have obtained images from several sites including the IWM collections, a copy of the Warships Profile for HMS Hesperus etc..


Im looking to build the ship in its May 1942 guise (as per the IWM pictures), the model depicts the ship as per its pre-war armament of 2x torpedo launchers. I read that the ship underwent refit to replace the rearward of these launchers amongst other modifications to its armament, although i cant find a definitive date for these modifications.


Does anyone have images or information regarding the exact layout and armament circa May 1942?


Thanks in advance.



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You have presumably found the very good close-ups of Hero at Haifa in May 1942 on the IWM site. This other IWM photo was taken in 15th April 1942. It should answer your general question re layout and armament. Essentially she has 4 x 4.7", 1 x 3", 2 x 0.5"MMG, 4 x 20mm Oerlikon (1 on each bridge wing, 1 either side of the searchlight platform) and 1 set of TTs. She also carried twin Lewis guns at the rear of each bridge wing. (I cannot work out why this photo does not come up when searching the IWM site by ship's name or by the photo number A 8647.) 




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That is fantastic! Not found that one.


Looking for photos of her on the IWM site is the proverbial needle in a haystack.


I found the Haifa photos with a search and a further two of her whilst trawling through over a thousand photos taken by the same photographer, both labelled as Hero in the description but not found in the original search. 



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Atlantic Models have an excellent PE set for the 1/500th Frog-Novo-Misterkit HMS Hero, Catalogue reference ATEM 50002, retailing at £6.95.


The set includes good instructions, with information about fits for different ships and periods.


The company is run by Peter Hall, who originated many of the White Ensign PE sets, and has now produced a range of sets to update many of the classic old favourite 1/500th and 1/600th British ship kits.


I am addicted to them.


Member Shar 2 posted a review of this set on this site's in Maritime Reviews/Aftermarket on 30th March 2014.




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