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VPAF MiG's, Part 1: MiG-17 'Fresco-A' (Zvezda 1:72) - DONE!

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VPAF MiG's, Part 1: MiG-17 'Fresco-A' (Zvezda 1:72)

Shenyang J-5 (MiG-17 'Fresco-A'), '2310', pilot Pham Ngoc Lan, 921st 'Sao Do' FR, Noi Bai, 3. April 1965


'First Kill'


This early Shenyang J-5 (license built MiG-17 'Fresco-A' by the chinese), number 2310, was flown by Pham Ngoc Lan on the 3rd of April 1965 when the first recorded VPAF kill was achieved. This happened over Thanh Hoa province and Pham Ngoc Lan claimed to shot down a F-8E of VF-211 flown by Lt Cdr Spence. But in fact, Crusader was only badly damaged in this incident and Spence made an emergency landing at Da Nang.





The kit by Zvezda.





Gotta love these sturdy top opening boxes.





Here is what we get in the box, plus some extra.





I'm not much of an expert when it comes to MiG's - but the easiest way to tell between 'Fresco-A' and 'Fresco-F' is the airbrake, different shape, size and the location of the 'bump' is different. I think other differences are the ejection seat but someone with more knowledge feel free to educate me :) 





Here is the aftermarket. I like the Master pitot's & gun barrels quite a lot, they're not too expensive and they add good looking details to the plane that is difficult to achieve with just plastic.





Here is the scheme, we're going with kit decals. More info about the scheme on the top of this post. Altough info provided here might be more accurate, F-8E was not indeed shot down, it was shut down. :P 



My other MiG's:

VPAF MiG's, Part 2: MiG-17PF 'Fresco-D' (AZ Model 1:72)

VPAF MiG's, Part 3: MiG-21PFL 'Fishbed-D' (Eduard 1:72)

VPAF MiG's, Part 4: MiG-19S 'Farmer-C' (KP 1:72)

VPAF MiG's, Part 5: MiG-21F-13 'Fishbed-C' (Modelsvit 1:72)



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I'm a big fan of the Masters brass bits as well...for the same reasons.

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Cool. This is the Dragon kit reboxed with new decals. It goes together pretty well.

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welcome along again Reini with build #2 or #1 depending on how you look at it....


Another nice looking model, gosh I wish Revell and a few other manufactures would take a leaf out of Zvezda's book for boxes!!


And again some nice AM bit...good man!!!:thumbsup:


and again good luck with this build.

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Got this MiG-17 cockpit PE set for Airfix kit, I think I try to fit it to this one.





Cockpit parts separated.





And some blue-gray paint on. Next I will paint the small stuff and try to make the PE fit.

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I thought of using the Airfix PE in the cockpit - but the basic cockpit shape is way off I can't make the PE fit without such a hassle that I'm pretty sure it's not worth it. I will use some of the more noticeable details - like instrument panel and belts though.





PE instrument panel fitted. Doesn't show on the photo but I put little dots of 'Ardcoat on the instrument panel lenses.





Oh how I hate all kinds of antenna & pitot tubes that are attached to the fuselage/wings. Good thing that I have to cut them out anyways and replace them with the Master brass ones.





Wings being glued.





Slight problem with the moulding process - but nothing we can't fix with some evergreen.





Like so, let it dry and trim it out.





Good as new.





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Wings needed some extra care - a job for the Vallejo putty.





But maybe the biggest problem area of the kit is the gun panel, under the forward fuselage. Being a separate part it had some gaps to fill and didn't have any proper support.





So I made some support and added thing plasticard strips to hopefully lessen the need for putty.





Well it needed some putty still, but I got a decent fit anyways.







There were some sink marks in the rear fuselage. I filled those with my fresh patch of sprue goo. It's made from Tamiya Extra Thin - and not with Quick Setting, despite the top color.





Nose is not pretty, design is bit poor.





I got it looking 'ok' with some filler & sanding...




... but then I remembered that I had completely forgotten to put in some nose weight :( No other place to put it really, I stuffed the nose full of weights with some PVA glue. Does not look pretty but I hope matt black paint will hide my crimes, atleast from a distance.





Seat is also done, nothing special, just the kit seat with some PE seat belts.





I am using Master gun barrels, so I cut off the originals.




I made a small pilot hole with needle and drilled open with 0.5mm drill.




Gun bulges glued to the fuselage.




It is just incredibly detailed stuff that Master does - especially considering the size. Here's the 37mm cannon muzzle.




Guns, guns, guns!





Eduard Brassin resin wheels on top and kit originals below.




I drilled 0,5mm holes and used brass rod to make some axles to get more sturdy fit with the resin wheel.


Getting pretty close to the painting now :) 

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That is a heck of an update Reini!

Some excellent work there, especially in getting that under nose panel to fit so nicely. The Master gun barrels are superb, incredibly well detailed.

You have done a very nice job on the seat too, great work all round.

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Nice job! I was wondering what kept you but there you are 🙂 


Those gun barrels do look nice.

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9 hours ago, JeroenS said:

Nice job! I was wondering what kept you but there you are 🙂 

Yeah I'm here, doing what I can. Keeping bit busy, helping my wife to set up her hobby store and I've just started a YouTube channel so between that and this - plus something called 'work' - there's not much free time. But not complaining, oh no :thumbsup: Just hoping I could keep up with more of the awesome builds here :( 

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Hi reini,


This is off to a brilliant start and I love all the aftermarket bits. Looking forward to watching this one come together :popcorn:

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There were couple nice days last week before all this rain started - so I did some BBQ in addition to modelling:




I did couple of burgers:







Final touches before closing the canopy.





Canopy glued and masked. 





Gloss black on. It's not my finest paintjobs, but it's not as messy as it looks in the image. I'm still learning to use the Tamiya Lacquers. Well, with little bit of sanding and polishing I think we are ready for metallics.




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some nice work Reini, and nice job on those corrections too!


Oh and thanks for the burger photos!!!!!   :rant:  


It's only 8:30 here and you've made me hungry as well! Guess I'll have to cook burgers tonight too! :thumbsup:

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After little bit of polishing and tidying up (and one crappy photo) later - we are ready for metal.





I used Tamiya Flat Aluminium from the lacquer range. It is flat for sure.





Made a little mistake on the wing though, got bit messy after I hit a freshly painted wing with a cloth and tried to cover it up.





But it covered nicely after a little bit of sanding and a fresh paint.





Then some Vallejo Metallics Aluminium for some NMF look.





Here we are. I will add some smaller detail with duraluminium (some smaller maintenance doors and the area below the nose, under the guns) - and I think we are ready for decals. Pretty simple paintjob as it is completely devoid of any details. Not even walkways on the wings.

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