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FW200 Condor "Scourge of the Atlantic" Classic Kit

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Super work on this venerable kit!

Like many who have already commented, I built one of these back in the early 80's too so this is pure nostalgia. I seem to remember replacing the chunky gun barrels with stretched sprue and sticking a surplus MG131 from a Matchbox Ju-188 in the rear blister.

Actually, I think it may still be intact (or at least extant) at my parent's place on the model shelf in the spare room... I should check next time I'm over there.

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Remember it!  Long long time ago. It was large and expensive in that days with only some Deutsch Mark as pocketmoney.  I think it explodes like many other models with a lot of New Year’s Eve fireworks and ended up my first modelbuilding career in the very  late 1970ˋs
shame on me at all


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I can only agree with the other contributors here... a leisurely stroll down memory lane indeed.  I grew up in a small town on the west coast of Scotland and in the late 60s, I remember walking past the newsagents almost daily heading to and from school, and eyeing this kit up as it sat displayed in the shop window.  I always liked the box art, and for many a long year, it was the only '200' available but in amongst a plethora of 109s and 190s, it was certainly a breath of fresh air.


You've done an excellent job with this offering, and the colour scheme is spot on... well done.





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